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Belly fat can cause more health issues

Exercises to lose belly fat

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Belly fat can cause more health issues

Belly fat can cause more health issues

If a lot of Belly fat has built up around your belly then that may lead to some serious health issues. The layer of fat just below the skin (the one that you can grab with hands) is known as the subcutaneous fat. In your belly, it is called the visceral fat because it builds up in the spaces between your viscera and around it, your internal organs such as your stomach and the intestines.

The visceral fat makes the toxins that have an adverse effect on the way your body works. These toxins include chemicals like cytokines that boost the chance of getting heart disease and it also makes the body less sensitive to insulin which brings diabetes.

Subcutaneous fat is basically harmless but the deeper belly fat that is the visceral fat is what is found accumulated around the abdominal organs. This fat is active metabolically and has been found to be risky as it may cause serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, dementia, etc.

Even if you are not that overweight or obese, still if you have accumulated excess fat around your abdomen area, then you may face these issues. Lose belly fat Even people who have a fairly normal weight may end up accumulating a harmful percentage of fat that is hidden beneath the abdominal wall. This fat cannot be shed simply if you perform exercises to tone up the abdominal muscles. This weight has to be lost through a good diet as well as exercising. You can perform activities such as walking and strength training. This is the only way to actually lose any weight.

There is also a risk of getting Cancer when you have belly fat in excess. As per a study, the chance of getting affected by colorectal cancer was double for all the women who were in their post-menopause stages and hence accumulate more visceral fat. The risk of Breast cancer is also higher.

It has been found that due to the consumption of excessive alcohol, belly fat is put on. It is also known as ‘beer belly’. Any drink that contains alcohol may lead to a build-up of fat.

Stress may be another factor that may lead to belly fat. Studies have shown that if you take a lot of stress, this will lead to the building up of cortisol in the body system. It is a stress hormone that over time will result in an increase in the belly fat. Hence, if you think that you’ll keep managing the stressful job of yours, you should think about your health first. Belly fat exercise

There is a very serious risk of getting a Heart disease if you have an excess of fat accumulated around your midsection. Visceral fat is a dangerous fat because of the reason that these fat cells bring cytokines into the human body. The cytokines are the chemicals that affect the ability of our cells to regulate insulin in our bodies as well as the blood pressure. Further, if our bodies will not be able to regulate the functions of the organs, then the heart gets affected.

There is no such thing as a lesser risk for either gender. Both the men and women have a risk of getting heart disease, but at different phases in their lives.

It is easier for young girls to put on weight around the hips and thigh areas. On the other hand, young men usually end up adding weight to your belly areas. Men who are in the age group of 30-50 years are more prone to heart diseases than women in the same age group. When women get menopause, they may end up with a lot of belly fat. Also, they are at risk of getting heart disease. The studies have shown that visceral fat may lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

When we put on excess weight, we are at a higher risk of getting diabetes. We become 90 percent more prone to type 2 diabetes. Belly fat leads to a risk of diabetes due to its effect on how our organs work.

Studies show that people who have a deep belly fat may lose their sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that basically controls our sugar levels in the blood. So, if our body doesn’t respond to it, then that sugar may create panic in our systems. Have shown that people with deep belly fat. If our blood sugar levels are seen to be running high continuously over time, then we may develop diabetes as a result.

According to research, one-third of the cases of colon, kidney and digestive tract cancers have been linked to excessive weight. The number is huge and the visceral fat that we have will make our health problems worse. It is known that cancer is caused by the mutation in the cells of our body. When we are overweight, our bodies are then signaled to secrete hormones that can cause the cells of the body to divide and multiply. Then, the more our cells will divide; there will be more chances for anyone of them to divide into a cancer cell. Hence, more fat basically equals to more possibility of developing cancer.

If you find that your partner snores all night, then the problem could be more serious. People with excessive weight in bellies from the visceral fat are most prone to getting sleep apnea as the risks become higher. In Sleep apnea, you stop breathing for a few seconds. And as a result of that, you snore all night and wake up feeling all restless. When you lose weight, your sleep apnea may improve over time or even get cured itself.

Having belly fat in excess may lead to weak abdominal muscles. As per yoga enthusiasts, our core is the powerhouse of our bodies. If we have a strong core, then we may not be very prone to injuries, our balance will be improved and our joints will also stay healthy. Keeping a strong core will also help to keep our backs strong and healthy. But, if our core is weak then our back muscles have to compensate for it as a result of which, we will find our backs straining and we may even suffer from chronic soreness.

How to lose the belly fat

Even though it is not possible to target reduce fat in one area of the body, it is still possible to reduce the belly fat. Visceral fat in our bodies will respond to having a healthy diet and exercising our bodies regularly. This fat changes just like any other fat in our bodies. It is important to make these changes to see a visible difference. Eating a lot of soluble fiber and indulging in a moderate level activity every day can help in reducing the visceral fat. The sources of soluble fiber include oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and beans.

Changing your diet

You need to consciously look after your diet if you want to lose that stubborn belly fat. Eating more of plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds is extremely important for weight loss in a healthy way. Try to add sources of lean proteins such as fish or low-fat dairy products to your diet. It will also be helpful if you stay away from processed meats and other processed foods.

Try to manage your portion sizes well. For instance, eating a handful of almonds is just fine as it is a healthy snack but if you eat too much of it then it may lead to building up of excess fat in our body. You should cook your own food more often. Try to cut down on drinking soda and drink more water and green tea.

Getting into exercises

It is vital to get into 30 minutes of daily exercise as it helps to kill the excess fat of the body. You should exercise for at least 3-4 times a week and try to get more active throughout the day. If you find yourself sitting for too long, then try to move around a bit or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Doing strength training exercises helps to lose the fat around the belly. Get out there and get your daily exercise.

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