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Fitness and Workout tips

fitness and workout tips

Health & Fitness

Fitness and Workout tips

fitness and workout tips

Fitness and Workout tips

Maintaining a fit body is no joke as it requires a complete commitment and dedication to working out regularly and eating a healthy diet. As you’ve heard the fact that abs are made in the kitchen, it is true that eating a healthy diet is mainly responsible for weight loss and working outcomes secondary. Although working our help to keep us mentally and physically fit. A healthy lifestyle is achieved by making efforts to clean up your diet and get rid of the bad habits.

You can find an immense amount of information on the internet about various workout programs, diets, healthy eating plans and more. You don’t need to go to the gym to create a fit life for yourself. Start by working out in your living room.

Here we have the top fitness and workout tips for you:

1. Find a good reason why you want to do this

When starting a new habit, you should know the reason why you want to change your habits. Knowing the ‘why’ before working for it will keep your aim clear and you will be dedicated towards your goal even in times of hardship.

2. Remember to warm-up

Warming up the body before starting your work out is a good way to reduce the risks of injuries. A warm-up helps to prepare your body for a high-intensity workout as it helps the blood to circulate properly in your muscles. Women Health Tips

3. Mix up Cardio and Strength in one workout

It is better to do strength exercises after completing your walk or run as it helps to increase your body’s strength. Exercises such as push-ups, step-ups, pull-ups, planks or lunges should be added to the post-run workout.

4. Home workouts are worth trying

If you don’t feel ready to join a gym yet, you can start working out at home in your living room using the basic equipment. It is the best and the most flexible way to start working out at your own terms.

In case you don’t have the required equipment, you can perform the workouts using household items or buy second-hand gym equipment such as barbell, dumbbells, gym ball, skip rope, resistance band etc.

5. Be consistent

You need to be consistent in your training. Especially when you are lifting weights. Consistency will help you to improve your form and build strength with time. Starting weightlifting with a lighter weight and moving on to heavier weights with time. Build a strong foundation for lifting heavy in the future and with the time you will make progress.

6. Get advice 

It is advised to take the help of a professional if you are just beginning with weight lifting. Ask your gym trainer to help you to ensure that you are using the equipment safely and checking your form. 

7. Don’t overdo it

Weightlifting and strength training is actually a fun activity and it helps give a great pump and stamina. But, it is important to make sure that you don’t overdo it. You should not get in the risk of getting an injury.  Hence it is very important to get adequate recovery time. How to lose weight in 2 weeks

8. Add in some meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga help to relieve stress and adds flexibility to your body. Doing Meditation makes us practice being present in the moment and learning how to control your breath.

9. You can always make time for a workout!

A workout can be done even if you don’t have enough time. Just a 15-minute workout is enough for a day. Either a HIIT workout or a 15 mins brisk walk could be done. It is better than doing nothing at all. The earlier you realise the need to maintain a healthy body, the better your life will get. 

10. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises

The workout is something to enjoy and not feel worse about doing them. You should always do an activity that you have an interest in. Be it dance, sports, cardio, yoga, strength training etc. You can mix your workout such as a cardio and strength workout etc. It is a good way to challenge your fitness level and get the heart rate up.  A HIIT workout is the best way to get the heart rate going and give you a sweat. You can find plenty of HIIT workouts online.

11. Have a workout and diet plan

To always stay on the track, you can write a list of exercises for each day or if you are following a workout plan. Meal planning is becoming important these days as people are becoming more conscious of your food choices. Having a complete weekly, monthly and yearly plan helps to save time and effort.

12. Tracking fitness progress

It is natural to see yourself losing the motivation to carry on with your fitness goals. A simple and effective way to stay motivated during your fitness goals is to track your progress. You can keep a diary and record your weight and workout details and the required progress. That helps to look at how far you’ve come from where you started.

13. Fuel the body 

It is important to have pre and post-workout meals to gain enough energy to work out. This will help to get better performance during the workout.

You can have snacks like peanut butter, fruits or eggs and toast as a pre-workout meal. The snack should be small as you don’t want to feel heavy during the workout. As a post-workout meal, you should eat white rice with salad and grilled chicken piece etc. Weight loss tips it is necessary to get a nice mix of healthy carbs and proteins to help support the growth of muscles and good recovery.

14. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated when working out or throughout the day is really important as our body including our muscles are made of 70% of water. Staying hydrated helps faster recovery after a workout. Take sips of water throughout the workout. You can even try to drink lemon or fruit infused water or simply plain water.

15. Take enough rest

It is important to take proper rest after working out. Resting actually helps boost workout performance. You should include at least one rest day each week during your training so that you do not over train.

16. Opt for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that has become quite popular these days in which people have set certain periods in which they will fast and other periods in which they will eat. Although it may result in a loss of muscle mass due to low-calorie diets.

17. Consume lesser added sugars

Added sugar is a very unhealthy ingredient found in most foods these days. Sugar is an ingredient that people consume too much of. Excessive consumption of sugar increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, Fitness tips heart disease, and many other issues. You should cut back on added sugars to lose weight.

18. Eat Less Refined Carbs

The Refined carbohydrates are found in sugar and grains after the fibrous and nutritious parts of these are taken out. White bread and pasta are a few sources.

Eating refined carbs leads to a blood sugar spike, as a result, you feel hungry and crave food. Eating refined carbs are associated closely with obesity. Prefer to eat carbs with their natural fibre.

19. Learn Portion Control or Count your Calories

It is an important habit to control your portion sizes or eating less at one time. It is useful when you are trying to lose weight. On the other hand, counting calories helps us to stay aware of what we are eating and fitness and workout tips on how much calories do we need to limit ourselves to. Keeping a food diary or clicking pictures of meals can supposedly help in controlling excessive eating.

20. Cure your Food Addiction There are many people who are 100% addicted to eating. Food addiction is a serious problem and if not taken care of at the right time, may lead to body problems that may arise due to overeating and obesity. If you are not able to control your cravings and feel helpless in front of food, then you may be suffering from food addiction. You should seek professional help in such a case.

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