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Why should you never miss on Regularly Clean your Beauty Tools

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Why should you never miss on Regularly Clean your Beauty Tools

Make Up Tips

Why should you never miss on Regularly Clean your Beauty Tools

If you let your makeup build up on your beauty products such as brushes then it may lead to some bad consequences. Everybody wants a glowing skin but using makeup and not following the correct skincare routine after you apply the makeup then you may end up in trouble.

It is important to take the makeup off before you sleep. Along with taking good care of your skin, it is equally important to make sure that you keep your makeup tools clean.

Bacteria growth

It’ll become difficult for you to get a flawless kinda look if your makeup tools are filled with powders, liquids, creams, and whatnot. You may end up with messy makeup. If your tools are dirty then it may even lead to some bad health issues.

You will find that your makeup applicators get moved from your bag, and then you apply the makeup to your face using these tools. Sometimes you just leave these tools in your car or on your bathroom counter. Hence, it easily comes in contact with bacteria as it may be kept at different places. The results of a research study have shown that after using makeup brushes for a month, the uncleaned brushes had held a huge amount of bacteria that the researchers couldn’t even measure. Make sure to wash the brushes at least once a week. You can even spot clean them right after using.

Spotty application

When you purchase a good set of makeup brushes and sponges instead of buying your brushes from a drugstore, you will find that your makeup gives a more flawless look.  But if your brushes are covered in a lot of pigments and powders then your makeup will not have any finish and will look muddy. If you are not able to blend it well, that may be because your brushes are not clean. These are the mistakes one makes while using make up tips which may result in facial aging.

Damaged brushes

If your makeup has a lot of build-up of the powders on it, then it may break the fibers and the bristles may weaken. This will make it hard for you to use the makeup.

Breakouts and clogged pores

If you use dirty makeup applicators and keep using those in the products then this may result in a vicious cycle. Using the Dirty brushes will lead to the transfer of the bacteria into the products. Even after you clean your brushes, you will still be transferring the bacteria back on your face when you use the same products.

A result of using dirty brushes maybe if you find an increase in the blemishes on your face. This may also result in clogged pores as well as uneven skin texture.


If you consistently use the bacteria-filled makeup products, then your skin will look completely stressed out. Stressed-out skin will lead to a faster rate of breakdown of the collagen and elastin. This will cause the skin to lose the youthful appearance. This may even result in premature wrinkles if you keep using dirty brushes constantly.

Wasted money

When you buy expensive makeup and makeup applicators and not take care of them, then it is basically a waste of your money. Over time, using dirty makeup may result in pimples or deadly infections if you completely neglect it. Natural Beauty Tips

Pink Eye

It is not a good idea to share your beauty products with other people. It is most important to keep your products clean and free of bacteria as much as possible. You should especially not share your lined brushes, kajal and other eye makeup products as using these may result in conjunctivitis and pinkeye.

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