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10 Incredible Beauty Secrets Of Ancient India That Every Modern Women Must Know!


10 Incredible Beauty Secrets Of Ancient India That Every Modern Women Must Know!

Beauty is one of the most sought-after feeling. Everyone wants to look beautiful. Women especially want to maintain their beauty for a longer period. What if you had access to the secrets of the beauty of the ancient Indian women?

Well, worry not! We will introduce to you the 10 best beauty products from ancient India that will keep you beautiful in and out!

The 5 natural skin products:

Following is the list of the 5 intriguing products from ancient India that women used to keep their skin in its perfect health:

  • Wheat husk:

Wheat husk is one exfoliating agent that one can get their hands on. The wheat husk has natural wheat oil to it! Apart from that, this natural product will cause no reaction to your skin.

You can use this to scrub off the dust, dirt and germs from your skin. Also, with the help of the wheat husk one can offer nutrients to their skin and keep it lively and young for a longer period.

Using the wheat husk with milk will help radiate it! Apart from that, you will never face the problem of a dull looking skin anymore.

  • The gram flour:

Let us first tell you that what advantages the gram as a pulse can offer you. The gram offers people with a rich source of protein. This concentrated protein will nevertheless cause much good to you, considering protein is one of the most crucial nutrients.

Apart from that, the gram is also a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. In ancient India, women chose to use the gram flour to scrub their skin. So, can you. All you have to do is mix the gram flour with honey and milk and apply it onto your skin. Then rub it through the entire face and neck and rinse.

  • Honey:

This is another product that has been in use ever since the ancient times. Honey is not only a single use productbut can be used in so many other solutions as well. But then again, when it comes to flaunting a flawless skin, then honey is one of the best that you can use for it.

It helps smoothen your skin and in taking care of the wrinkles as well. No matter what, this product helps cleanse the skin from deep within eliminating all the stubborn dust and dirt from the surface as well as the inner layers.

  • Turmeric:

Turmeric and its advantages are well proven in the world. Turmeric can offer you with some of the most magnificent health and skin benefits. It doesn’t only help you look radiant and glowing all the time but also offers your skin enough oxygen.

Apart from that, turmeric helps lighten your skin and protects it from the harmful atmosphere around you. Turmeric also helps in repairing small and minute tears on the skin very efficiently. Making a turmeric paste and applying it on to your skin can help your skin breathe. Also using milk with it can prove to be more beneficial.

  • Cucumber:

This fruit has always been an answer to the various skin problems. Crushing cucumber or making a paste of it and applying the same to dark and patchy areas can be really helpful. It helps get rid of the dark spots on the skins easily. Apart from that, cucumber also is a cooling product to the skin.

It helps get rid of the dark circles from under the eyes and also helps provide oxygen to the skin. Cucumber also helps in keeping the wrinkles away and offering a quick and a fresh look after a tiring day.

These are some of the most magnificent products that are natural and efficient for the skin.

The 5 natural hair products:

Following is the list of the 5 intriguing products from ancient India that women used to keep their hair in its perfect health:

  • Fenugreek:

Fenugreek is possibly one of the best and natural spices that one can use for a variety of reasons. From helping treat an ailing body, to treating an ailing hair, fenugreek does it all. Applying the paste of fenugreek on the hair works as a natural conditioner.

Also, you can soak fenugreek in water overnight and use the water the next day to rinse the hair for a smooth effect. Using fenugreek oil on the hair is equally great considering the amount of nutrients it offers to the hair.

  • Amla/Gooseberry:

Amla has been on constant and efficient most fruit in treating various hair problems. Amla can help your hair in more than one possible way. It helps treat the dandruff and also takes care of the roots.

With amla you will get to strengthen the roots and ensure that you have a reduced hair fall. You can use amla juice to massage the scalp and this will help get rid of the dandruff. Don’t forget to rinse it with warm water thereafter.

You can also make amla paste and put it in coconut oil to make amla oil for yourself.

  • Neem:

Neem is a boon to India and it in its various forms has managed to impress the people over eras. You can use neem leaves paste or neem oil on your hair. This will offer oxygen to the scalp and will also offer blood circulation.

Apart from that Neem also offers the hair the benefit of removing dandruff. Neem works pretty well on the dandruff and within 2 or 3 days of application, there will be no more dandruff. Also, with neem the yeast of bacterial infections on your hair will no longer persist.

  • Hibiscus:

Hibiscus is one of the best flowers you can use for the hair. Not only it allows your hair roots to grow strong but ensures that you can grow new hair as well. The pollen grains of hibiscus are the most efficient parts of the flowers.

It also offers a sense of conditioning and allows your dull hair to start glowing. With hibiscus powder or oil, your hair will reap the best benefits.

  • Henna:

The henna leaves are usually crushed and made a paste of to be applied on the hands. But henna leaves can offer your scalp with cool and smooth feeling. Apart from that Henna contributes to the strength and the colour maintenance of the hair as well.

These are the natural products that have helped women ever since the ancient times to maintain their health and define beauty.

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