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4 Steps to Make your Makeup Mask Proof and Transfer-Resistant

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4 Steps to Make your Makeup Mask Proof and Transfer-Resistant

4 Steps to Make your Makeup Mask Proof and Transfer-Resistant

Have you ever had that awkward moment where you hug someone to put makeup on their shirt hoping they won’t notice? Or you can peel off your mask to find all the makeup on your mask, making the time spent perfecting your look a waste. We’ve all been there, but it’s over now. Here’s how you can get a transfer-free finish every time.

1. Start using Primer

Make sure your foundation is strong for transfer-proof makeup. The right primer will not only nourish your skin or remove blemishes but will also help to extend the life of your makeup. A good primer will give your makeup something to adhere to and create a barrier between your skin and your makeup. Leave the primer on for two minutes before applying makeup.

2. Use a Durable Foundation

As trendy as dewy makeup, sticky foundations last much longer than dewy liquid formulas. Instead of stacking them, layer them in thin layers. Too many products will not only make your face look lumpy, but it will also result in more transfer. If you are using a liquid foundation, add foundation to your brush, squirt in some setting spray, and quickly apply the mixture to your skin.

3. Apply with a Powder

The translucent setting powder will create another barrier between your makeup and mask or whatever else gets in its way. Plus, it will smooth your complexion and give you the perfect look for an airbrushed finish without disturbing the makeup underneath.

4. Block with Fixing Spray

Finally, set your look with this lightweight hold spray. That’s right, setting powder alone isn’t enough, but together, setting powder and setting spray duo together can work wonders to prevent melting, discoloration, settling into fine lines or transitions. This last and final step creates a strong, flexible on the skin to keep makeup in place for hours on end.

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