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4 Ways To Wear Sneakers


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4 Ways To Wear Sneakers

4 Ways To Wear Sneakers

“I don’t like wearing sneakers with dresses,” said no girl ever. This trend was born in the streets of the fashion states during Fashion Weeks, and is now loved by all for its comfort, and incomparable style! But with multitudes of sneakers and dress variants out there; it is easy to get confused about which dress to pair up with which pair of sneakers.

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1. When you choose a frilly dress with a certain amount of size, you want your shoes to be elegant, so that neither of you take care of the appearance. So, a pair of classic trucks can look great with a frilly short dress.

2. If you love all your clothes in bright and bold colours; you may want to black out your shoes and keep them tied with whites only. This way, your outfit remains the champion of your entire look, while the white sneakers remain elegant.

3. It is definitely not suitable for a faint heart, a dramatic dress with a pointed neckline, or puffy sleeves, or elegant accents that look great with a pair of equally impressive sports shoes. The idea is to sing the slogan “more and more”, making sure that the clothes look good.

4. It is a popular fashion legend’s words that sneakers only work when paired with short-bows dresses. Although somewhat correct, maxi dresses can also be removed with crazy crepes! The key to understanding the flow of the dress and the shape of your shoes.

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