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5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colors


5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colors

5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colors

Here are 5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colors. Have you heard of the term ammonia? Well, if not, we’re here to tell you all about the chemical. This is a harmful chemical that is used in hair dyes not only penetrates into the cuticle but also breaks it to deposit color. So, while it does help in giving you the shade that you want, it damages your strand to no end. Your hair becomes brittle, dry and unhealthy. To counter this, more and more companies are moving towards ammonia-free hair colors that will give you the vibrant hue that you want without causing so much damage.

5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

Convinced about trying ammonia-free hair colours? Scroll down cause we’re listing the best ones to spend your money on.

Kerastem Hair Color Light Brown No 5

5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

INR 2,050

This is a great no ammonia hair colour to try if you’re looking for a brown shade that will treat your scalp and strands with care. It gives great coverage and is also paraben-free. Keep it on for 25-35 minutes and then rinse out. It doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and doesn’t stain the scalp either. It has fewer chances of causing irritation and is a superb alternative to regular hair colour.

Paradyes Rubra Red

5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

INR 795

If you’re part of the bold crew then this is the best ammonia-free hair colour India to try. It is a gorgeous red shade that will give subtle colour to darker hair and a vibrant hue on pre-lightened strands. When it’s fading, the colour will turn peachish. It’s free of parabens and sulfates too.

Kama Ayurveda Organic Indigo Powder

5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

INR 775

For those of you who love going the au naturale way, this organic indigo powder is a great no ammonia hair dye to try. When mixed with warm water it will give a blue tint to the hair. If you have dark hair you can put henna on your strands before going in with the colour. Apply it with gloves on or a spatula and leave it on for 45 mins or more as per your desired intensity.

Sadhev Natural Hair Colour

INR 795

This hair dye without ammonia has been formulated based on ancient beauty secrets. They have put together wisdom that they’ve gathered and made it with organic indigo. It consists of henna which is a natural conditioner for the hair, along with amla that stimulates hair growth. Mix the powder with water and lemon and leave it for an hour. Then apply the paste on your hair and keep it on for an hour. In the end, towel dry your locks and move on to applying the second powder for more vibrant colour.

Lucens Hair Color Light Brown

INR 1,499

This is one of the best hair colours without ammonia and comes in various different shades. It is enriched with natural oils and extracts and is also sulfate-free, SLS free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. Great for colouring greys at home, this one is a fan fave.

We hope you enjoyed our article on 5 Best Ammonia-Free Hair Colors.

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