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5 Haircare products you need to get rid of lice

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5 Haircare products you need to get rid of lice

5 Haircare products you need to get rid of lice

If you scratch your head from time to time, your head is a breeding ground for lice. You can treat lice at home. It includes shampoo, lotions, and cream lotions. Here are 5 hair care products you should consider to get rid of bad lice from your hair forever.

Lies’ Comb

With small and narrow bristles, this comb will help you comb scorpions and other insects. It also has non-slip straps that allow better grip and control. Comb your hair daily and kill lice.

Anti-lice Cream Lotion

A large number of head lice can cause other scalp infections. This hair cream eliminates lice and eggs, prevents their growth, and nourishes your hair with its moisturizing effect.

Lice Shampoo

This dual-action dandruff shampoo suffocates and dries off lice and eggs in one application. After washing your hair with it, blow dry and comb it to remove any dead lice.

Lice Oil

Apply this oil twice in two weeks and watch all the lice die in no time. It also solves itchy scalp and small bumps on the scalp that appear due to lice.


Mediker Shampoo

This product guarantees a complete absence of lice and eggs. It contains extracts of neem, camphor, and Cetaphil that help nourish hair and get rid of lice, and it smells great.

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