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5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

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5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

We bring you 5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings as junk food alternative. Here’s the thing, no matter how balanced your diet is or how precise your daily routine is, you will experience midnight cravings at one time or another. Nobody can escape them. And those nighttime cravings strike differently. They make you taste food 10 times more because somehow food tastes a thousand times better in the wee hours of the night. Now, those cravings tend heavily to delicious, but mostly delicious, junk food. And if junk food is a no-no anyway, it’s worse at night. Therefore, here is a short list of easy-to-make snacks that are healthy alternatives to junk food and also taste great. So, read on to find out more!

5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings as junk food alternative

1. Hummus and wholemeal bread

Hummus is a Middle Eastern cream that not only tastes divine, but is also packed with vitamins and minerals. It is good for digestive health and can be consumed daily in moderate quantities. It’s the perfect midnight snack that you can have with wholemeal bread or wholemeal bread.

2. A vegetable sandwich

5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

A few slices of cucumber, a few tomatoes and potatoes, a pinch of oregano and chilli flakes, a little mayonnaise and other sauces to taste, all squeezed between two slices of bread. Now, do I really have to mention how a veggie sandwich is a healthier alternative to evening snacks?

3. Roasted makhane

Fox nuts or lotus seeds are so full of goodness, they taste delicious and don’t take time to prepare. Make sure you have enough supplies at home so that when you need a snack that doesn’t require any cooking, you can roast those babies anytime you want with chaat masala or other spices and you’re good to go.

4. A bowl of fruit

5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

Why only one fruit? Cut your favorite fruits into a bowl and keep them as is or sprinkle them with spicy masala to flavor things up. You can also season with honey or maple syrup if you want to make them sweeter. You can literally never go wrong with a bowl of fruit and have a balanced diet.

5. Oatmeal
5 healthy snacks for midnight cravings

To make the perfect oatmeal, the ratio is 1: 2. 1 is oats and 2 is milk. I usually cook oats on a stove in milk for about 10-12 minutes. Be careful not to overcook them so they don’t dry out. When finished, sprinkle with honey or maple syrup, add chopped fruit or granola, to taste and you’re ready to satisfy your taste buds.

We hope this article helped you!

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