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5 Steps for nailing Ice Facial

ice facial

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5 Steps for nailing Ice Facial

5 Steps for nailing Ice Facial

Ice Facial

You might have heard a lot about Ice Facial these days, as a lot of celebrities are opting for this method, and the results seen are very positive. Many celebrities are going for this method like Katrina Kaif, many other celebrities. She recently started appearing on social media and has also started her own Instagram account. You should watch out the secret that actresses follow and that is what we will discuss in this blog. It is called as ice facial therapy. You can do this ice facial every day, once in a week, or keep it fixed like Katrina every Sunday morning. These are the five steps to follow for Home Ice Facial:

Step 1: Take a big bowl, the bowl should be according to the size of your face as you need to dip your face completely in it. Pour some mineral of filtered water in the bowl and put at least 10-12 ice cubes into it. Wait for the water to rise to the level where you can easily dip your face easily.

Step 2: Do tie your hair properly, so to have an uninterrupted facial.

Step 3: Now dip your face into the bowl and just for 2-5 sec, come out of the bowl for 2-3 sec and repeat it again. For some time your skin will become numb but soon it will be back to normal.

Do not force yourself to dip into it for a much longer time as the water will be very cold.

Step 4: Every time you take out your face from the bowl, do pat your face and massage a little so that the blood circulation will increase. And you fell the skin sensations again.

Step 5: Repeat this process and try to avoid forcefully doing it. And in starting to do it for 2-3 times. And as you do it repeatedly then you can increase the times of the process.

ice facial

Benefits of Ice Facial:

  • It helps in reducing Face Fat to a large extent as ice or cold water has the power to increase blood flow and which destroys fat storage.
  • It helps in pimple reduction.
  • It helps in tightening the skin and minimize the fine lines.
  • It also helps in pore size reduction by up to 70%.

In case if you have any face or skin issues or problems do consult your dermatologist before going for ice facial.

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