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5 Things to stop during birthing process

Things to stop during birthing process


5 Things to stop during birthing process

One thing that keeps you constantly nervous during pregnancy is the birthing process. Some attempts we make to distract ourselves from thinking about this traumatic cycle but more or less, this persists in our minds. The reality is that we can’t do anything to calm these emotions down but one thing we can do for sure is to brace ourselves mentally. There are many people in our community who are familiar with this method, and they are able to give you advice on what to do during the job. There aren’t many, though, who really tell you those things you don’t have to do during conception. We ‘re here to do just the same for you. In this article, we plan to make you aware of the issues you can avoid while delivering children.

1. Overexertion
Many of the women believe that rest or rest can hamper the labour process or cause difficulty during birth. This is not true though, even if you remain inactive in the last days prior to delivery, there will be no impact on the birth process. On the opposite, sleeping in comfortable positions and giving the body rest can also be of great help in properly positioning the baby to make birthing a simple task. You also need to conserve some energy for the labour, at the end of the day.

2. Fighting
A woman’s body is built to manage the birth cycle. Sometimes you may need a cesarean, but it is always suggested that you opt for vaginal delivery. It doesn’t say, however, that this is some battle you need to win. It is simply a process that should be carried out and if you act logically then it could become relatively easy for you.

3.Over breathing
Over-breathing or, to put it another way, breathing too fast often leads to dizziness followed by numbness as well as tingling of the hands, feet and face at times. This can cause fainting in serious cases. Throughout breastfeeding in the workplace, diaphragmatic breathing is helpful because it helps to relax and also provides stress relief. Remember that labour is not just physical but also a mental challenge and proper breathing is a key to deal with it properly.

4. Screaming
Making noise during labour is perfectly normal and it is also encouraged. Giving in low guttural noises as well as moaning guides the pressure you exert on your diaphragm, thus allowing you to keep on progressing. Screaming occurs when you are overwhelmed or lose control during birth, which irritates the vocal cords and causes you to release the diaphragm pressure as opposed to the directing it downwards.

5. Giving up
Often we feel like giving up after having put in all the efforts during labour because all the energy that we had seems to get drained out. It is time, however, for us to inspire ourselves to put a little more effort into that. Just the feeling of giving up can have a detrimental impact on your work, so remain motivated.

If you’re preparing for the work that’s coming soon, keep all of these points in mind and mentally prepare yourself.

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