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6 Light And Stylish Jackets For You



6 Light And Stylish Jackets For You

6 Light And Stylish Jackets For You

Weather transition is coming and is probably one of the trickiest seasons of a year. So, what exactly do we wear in this weather that will curb the chill without suffocating us? The answer is–a light jacket. Told by a wise individual somewhere, these breezy jackets serve the purpose of making us warm in this transition weather while still keeping the sweat at bay. Here are the six best light jackets perfect for the Autumn season:

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1. Durable denim

Denim is a very convenient option to change the season, it is durable and not heavy and also gives you the little heat you need throughout the day. You can always choose a classic blue or black jacket that can be combined with absolutely nothing or choose more bold and colourful options (think neon)!

2. New corduroy

Until last year, Corduroy was a material specifically designed for parents and grandparents to dress and tailored suits. But, this year, he got out of his cocoon and became the biggest trend, guess what? It’s absolutely perfect for this season.

3. Shyly trimmed

If your sense of style is fun, you’ll love jackets. They are adorable to look at, they are super playful and also serve for a light jacket!

4.Fun fringe

Why don’t we take the “Old City Road” atmosphere seriously and ride this horse this fall? Quilted jackets go back to fashion straight from the Wild West and love this cowboy style. Available in suede, denim, leather and even lace, it has multiple fringe options to choose from.

5. Blazing blazer

You want to have something formal in your wardrobe going through a last minute meeting or wearing this silk dress with ribbons until they meet at the weekend with your girlfriends. A lightweight formal jacket will solve all your autumn fashion dilemmas. How about a bright neon or fuchsia rose to shake the outfit?

6. Cheeky suede

If your dress senses require more feminine clothing, a soft synthetic suede jacket can look very stylish and stylish. Choose a waterfall or tanning jacket in dark brown.

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