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Valentine’s Day 2022: 6 Skincare hampers for your girlfriend to help her maintain her glow


Valentine’s Day 2022: 6 Skincare hampers for your girlfriend to help her maintain her glow

Valentine’s Day 2022: 6 Skincare hampers for your girlfriend to help her maintain her glow

When you are in love, neither the sun nor the moon shines like your girlfriend. Even the stars don’t look so pretty. If you already have a girlfriend or a girl you really like, here are some unique gifts you can give her on Valentine day that will make her blush and help your girl keep her glow for clear, radiant skin with high-quality, affordable skincare baskets.

M Caffeine Valentine Moment Skin Care Gift Set

If your girlfriend can’t get through her day without coffee, and if coffee runs through her veins, then this gift set is for her. The set includes a facial wash, a facial scrub, a face mask, and a body scrub. Coffee-infused products will uplift the senses with their pungent aroma. These products have many benefits such as exfoliation, smoothing, and polishing of the skin. Coffee also cleanses the skin from within, ridding the skin of all dirt and impurities.

Good Vibes Brightening Skincare Routine Combo 

This set is infused with rose which reduces dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. Brightens the complexion and makes the complexion glow. It contains a papaya face wash and a pomegranate face scrub that removes dead skin cells. Rosehip serum and rose toner hydrate the skin. The pomegranate and papaya in the formula smooth away the signs of aging and make them look young.

Plum Green Tea Facial Care Set

If your girl keeps complaining about her acne, then this face care game will be the perfect gift for her! Formulated with a gentle soap-free cleanser that deeply cleanses oily and acne-prone skin with organic green tea extracts, glycolic acid, and natural cellulose granules, this alcohol-free toner helps rejuvenate oily, acne-prone, and sagging skin. Those massive pores control oil production, a lightweight mattifying moisturizer infused with green tea that will leave skin looking matte and clear all day, a night gel that gives skin the balanced hydration and nourishment it needs overnight and finally a perfect weekly detoxifying clay mask!

Kama Ayurveda must-have skincare gift box

This beautifully designed box comes with skincare products that must be gentle, effective, and original. Celebrate Valentine Day by gifting your girlfriend the proven quality of pure Ayurvedic beauty treatments. This gift box contains an Ayurvedic skin treatment, a jasmine facial cleanser, a day cream, a night cream, and pure rosewater that can be used as a facial mist or toner. These products hydrate and even skin tone and are very gentle, making them suitable for all skin types.

The Derma Co set for radiant and hydrated skin

This combo contains a creamy face wash that helps gently cleanse skin without irritating it. These characteristics make it an ideal cleanser for sensitive skin. Also contains 30% AHA + 2% BHA Face Peeling Solution that combats dullness, enlarged pores, and controls excess sebum production to reveal radiant skin in 10 minutes, and an intense moisturizer that soothes dry, irritated skin and replenishes moisture levels providing hydration. which lasts 72 hours. Its constant use reduces expression lines and keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.

Pilgrim Korean Beauty Flawless Skincare Set

This is a natural and ecological facial care set that will make your partner’s day happy. Formulated with a lava face wash that provides the balance needed to deeply cleanse pores, without stripping natural oils, a day cream enriched with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 for UVA and UVB sun protection, alcohol-free toner that rejuvenates skin while restoring the pH balance. absorbs excess sebum and night serum with vitamin C that prevents free radical damage, leaving the skin more luminous and youthful.

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