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6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows


6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

There is no doubt that full, thick brows are what’s all the rage right now. Beautiful thick and bold brows can really make a statement and really pull your entire look together. We’ve seen them in all of our Instagram feeds, however, as trends come and go, it’s important to embrace your natural brows too. So, if you have full or thin brows, you look just as gorgeous. But if you want to start with the bold and fluffy brow trend, there are a few methods that can promote hair growth or make your brows look thicker. So if you’re not naturally bushy, don’t worry and check out the following guide.

Read on for tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows:

1. Try hair growth serums

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

If you find that your eyebrow hair has a hard time growing back, it could be due to damage to the hair follicle. This can happen due to constant waxing or pulling of the hair from the root. This is where eyebrow hair growth serums come in handy. These serums work to stimulate hair growth in the brows with the help of peptides or short amino acid chains, which help promote healthy hair follicles.

However, it should be noted that when it comes to hair growth, in this case, patience is the key. No matter what product you use, it’s not magical and won’t grow overnight. You will need to use it regularly to see an increase over time.

2. Use face oils

A good oil, while not marketed as an eyebrow product, contains key ingredients that can stimulate hair growth and nourish the skin. Massaging them is also thought to increase circulation by stimulating the cells. In fact, you may already have some of these oils as part of your skincare.

routine. One popular ingredient used is castor oil. All you need to do is apply it with a spoolie brush in the direction of natural hair growth. Do all of this before bed and let it work while you sleep.

Other oils rich in vitamin E and fatty acids which are known to promote hair growth are; coconut oil, olive oil and even avocado oil.

3. Try the dye

6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows

Sometimes it is not enough to fill in the eyebrows or put on the tweezers. If so, why not try the popular eyebrow treatment to transform your brows. There are a lot of options to choose from, but the most common method is dyeing. It is minimally invasive and is a great option if you are tired of filling in your brows every day. Done fairly quickly, it can last anywhere from one to three months depending on hair growth. It is particularly great because it captures even the smallest hairs which, when darkened, help the brows appear fuller, more defined and well-groomed. Plus, when the color fades, it happens naturally so it doesn’t look like an uneven mess.

4. Take out the tweezers

If you really want to encourage hair growth, you need to put this tweezer down for a while. Our brows grow over a three to four month cycle, so try to part with your trusty tweezers for at least 12 weeks. After passing the mark, pluck out only the hairs that are away from the brow line.

5. Use colored eyebrow gels

Eyebrow color gels are one of the simplest ways to give the look of thicker and bolder brows. Use the built-in wand to fill in the brows from the front to the browbone, then keep filling in to the end. It can fill in the blanks, add volume, dimension and give you the shape you want.

6. Go to a specialist

Ultimately, if you can’t understand everything, consult an experienced eyebrow specialist. If you have access to an expert or dermatologist, it’s worth asking them for advice on how to keep your brows happy and full. Plus, even if you go to a dedicated eyebrow bar, they can better understand what you want your brows to look like and sculpt them carefully.

We hope you liked our article on 6 tips for you to get fuller looking eyebrows.

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