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6 Ways To Wear A Tank Top Like A Bollywood Diva

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6 Ways To Wear A Tank Top Like A Bollywood Diva

6 Ways To Wear A Tank Top Like A Bollywood Diva

But then we end up exploiting the basic white or black shirt so that the layers disintegrate. Here are 6 ways to wear a tank top like a Bollywood diva.

The tank top is already versatile, easy to design and deserve our attention after a lifetime abandoned. Here are six fun ways to wear a tank top without looking like anything essential, inspired by our stylish Bollywood ladies:

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1. Padmaavat star Deepika Padukone knows her game style and is not afraid to break some rules from time to time. In addition, when he walks on the red carpet in Cannes, where he kills more than a wrestler, Deepika prefers to keep his style discreet. Combine colourful sleeveless shirts with pants in similar tones, long coats and seal the look with cool AF shoes.

2. Sonakshi Sinha keeps you cool on top of a white tank with a white shirt on top and basic blue jeans. Note your light makeup and fresh dried hair.

3. Chiara can do everything
Take note of this Kiara look and go for a T-shirt jhataak, in this case, neon green! Beige high waist pants and large gold hoops add an extra touch to everything.

4. Shraddha, known for her girl character next door, stays close to her environment and often opt for comfortable and great styles. Your elevator boom gives us an idea of ​​a sleeveless white shirt with trousers with a waist for paper bags and an orange shoulder strap to add a touch of colour to the look. Do you see a bright yellow jacket in the airport look? Interesting, right?

5. Trust PeeCee to take any regular clothing and make it look super stylish! She was seen wearing a sleeveless shirt with a pair of beige high waist shorts and white loafers. Tasty!

6. Malaika and Kareena give us important lessons in sewing about pairing very basic sleeveless shirts with tight-fitting trousers. The idea is to combine brightly coloured hats with light-coloured backgrounds for maximum effect. Tip: If you find that sleeveless shirts inside your clothes are messy, choose bodysuits.

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