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Affordable home decorating ideas for rented apartments

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Affordable home decorating ideas for rented apartments

Affordable home decorating ideas for rented apartments

Mind-Boggling Ideas for Home Décor!

We spend most of our life in our sweet homes. Unwind and relax in the luxurious indoors adorned with love and joviality. Are we talking about glitzy flamboyance and Italian marble palaces? No, We aren’t. Coming back to home after a gloomy and monotonous day should fill you up with nothing but whimsical ambience. Impart a quirky and adorable touch to your home without splurging too much. We are sure; your home will be a dazzling escapade with these simple yet artistic tips.

Do up the walls

Go searching for removable wallpapers or floral for the bathroom walls. You can either try smart abstract patterns or a splash of colour on one of the living room walls.
Browse online for stunning affordable decals on Etsy. Adding a bookcase ledge or different shaped mirrors on the wall also can transform the look completely. Frame your favourite pictures with your beloved in different hues and frames to add a personal touch to your walls.

Use illusion for a bigger home

Large living spaces create all the difference. While apartment decorating, one should focus on whether their home is looking congested or free in space.

Want your room to look larger in size than it is? Throw in a long rectangular framed mirror on the wall. Add full-length long curtains to make the walls appear taller.

Light it up

A well lit up home adds to the charm of any space and makes way for great Instagram-able pictures. Think beautiful lamp shades to complement your bedside area. Stylish floor lamps to accentuate the ambience of your home. Go for a beautiful chandelier in your living room to amp up the glamorous look.  However, simple fairy lights and lanterns also work wonders.

Use your storage as decor

Open storage is a great apartment decorating idea. Use the way you store things at home as a means of additionally decorating the space.

Well-organized and quirkily set up open storage can do wonders! An open cabinet on the wall with some of the cutest stationery you possess .Or use the open storage to show off the greatest collection of stilettos, polished and arranged immaculately.

Climb up the artsy Ladder

Get artsy. Paint a wooden ladder is all you got to do. Think striking pink for a teenager’s monochrome room, or a pearl white hue for your ‘all-white’ themed corner. Let it stand tall at an angle that looks aesthetically appealing in the space.

Beautify each step with cutesy decorations. These could include little potted plants, humongous wax candles, framed family pictures etc. Your ladders actually double up as shelves or racks to store everyday items of use.


How about hosting cocktail concoction sessions at your own place? Get a cart-like structure from a second-hand store or carpentry wastes. Vamp it up to your own DIY bar.

Use spray paint to do up the cart. Decorate the top with variable sized and shaped glasses. Add bar stools and show off the sophisticated alcohol brands you got. Chalk up a cocktail menu on a squared black-board for a charming finish. This one’s the quintessential fun element your house is seeking.

Unconventional pieces of furniture

Add a few pieces of furniture to your apartment that are unique and not seen before. This shall give it a personality and make it stand out. How about turning an age-old mom’s trousseau trunk to a centrepiece table for your den? Spray paint the trunk. Cover it with bottle caps completely and there you have a stunning masterpiece to flaunt. Think a dining table that can convert into a sofa, a hammock right in the middle of your hall or side-tables looking like tree barks.

Ditch the dodgy curtains

Yes, don’t be blind to the worn out blinds. Blinds form an essential part of every room and living space. Often under-estimated, these long stretches of fabric can really create a stunning difference.

Landlords often provide extremely basic and faded blinds. Think about the overall look of the space that you’re aiming for and then choose the hue and materials of the curtains. Dreamy thin whites are great for garden overlooking glass. For bold, statement walls, choose almost similar tones to enhance the look.

Rug it up

Nothing surprising here, soft, luxurious rugs has been a trend for some time now. Love furry and warm – get just that! Throw them in front of your bed step or an accent chair. Whites, pastel pinks and grey furry paradises are a pure love. Empty spaces on wooden flooring go great with smartly designed rugs. Rugs come in many enticing shades and shapes now for apartment decoration. What’s more? Rugs are a great way to hide broken floor tiles. They make all the difference to the flooring of your room.

Go green

Adding a natural feel with plants and ferns are so much in trend now. They can really brighten up a dull corner and render life to the apartment in general. Add potted plants in your gallery, or add a tall one as a corner-decor beside the sofa in your living room. Mount small cute bonsais on the shelves of your wall.

Hide the ugly

Rented apartments usually suffer from flaws here and there. A broken tile maybe, a damped wall or broken fixture. Use rugs, paintings, wall hangings, and stickers etc to transform the flaws. Get creative and smart to use hacks that are super easy yet so effective.

Feed them stunning pillows

A great accessory to intensify up a mundane bed or couch is throw pillows. So we’re saying. Be personally involved in selecting specific decorations, hues and pieces of furniture.

Decorate only what you absolutely love and adore. Your house should be ‘you’ in all ways. And one that you cannot wait to get back to, after a long day of work!

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