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Are Face Masks Actually Work or Just Being Hyped

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Are Face Masks Actually Work or Just Being Hyped

These days due to the pandemic situation most of us are avoiding salons and parlors. Which has made women buy face products and beauty products such as creams, lotions, gels, and even Face Mask.

There are many companies which are manufacturing face masks in different variants and for different skin. Recently, the face mask industry is booming as women are more in obsession and quest to embrace self-care. From skin complaints to tween sleepover activities to alluring sparkly little packages- guys and gals of all ages are lured towards face masks. 

Many Dermatologist suggests going basics in case of the skincare regime. Applying too many chemicals and many harmful chemicals.

Daily skincare regime should include cleaning, daily sunscreen, and daily moisturizing. Using a skin mask can be an add on and a complementary to a good skincare routine. 

How a face mask works:

Face mask work by driving ingredients closer and deeper into the skin, infusing the pores and allowing the skin to soak up more of the product. Face mask can have the immediate effect that people are looking for, although it may be temporary, it can give you a boost or a glow for an event. Sheet masks are even more hydrating as it allows moisturizer to be distributed and absorbed directly on the area via the paper. Cream masks, on the other hand, tend to be geared towards specific skin complaints and concerns such as acne or wrinkles. 

Dermatologist says, before using a face mask, it is important to wash the face with a gentle cleanser and warm water to remove any makeup, dirt, or residue. Using warm water allows the pores to stay open for the ingredients to seep in better. 

What to look out for while choosing a face mask:

A lot of face mask in the market today claim to include exotic ingredients. But do you really want to slather glitter, mushroom juice, or snail jelly all over your face? Many times we feel that masks with different products and chemicals used or usually a lot of fancy products have fragrance, dyes, and parabens- all of which can wreak havoc on the skin (especially sensitive skin).

It is very important to see the label and for exactly what you are looking out for, such as fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and free of dyes and all sorts of parabens. 

Choosing the right mask is important and see if it is free of chemicals and harmful substances which more than good are harmful to the skin.

Here are a few tips and tricks from the Dermatologist which we all should consider before we go out to buy anything:

  • For Dry SkinHyaluronic Acid
  • Fine Lines– anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, resveratrol, and ferulic acid. 
  • Acne and Blemishes– Salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)
  • Rosacea– Niacinamide
  • Dark spots and Pigmentation–  soy, kojic acid, tranexamic acid, and licorice root extract. 
  • Oily skin: salicylic acid

Homemade face masks-

Depending on the skin type or the requirement of skin, one can make and use the face mask. 

What all can be included in the mask?

  • Milk and yogurt- it contains lactic acid, which can exfoliate the skin which makes it brighter and fairer.
  • Aloe vera- Contains A, C, E, and B, which helps in skin brightening.
  • Papaya- it contains enzymes, which help in skin brightening.
  • Coffee- it helps in minimizing the appearance of pores by temporarily drying the skin.

As per the Doctors, people should avoid products that contain lemon, lime juice, and apple cider vinegar. These products have low pH and can cause skin irritation.

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