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Are you looking for the best skincare routine in summers?

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Are you looking for the best skincare routine in summers?

Are you looking for the best skincare routine in summers?

Hot summer is coming. As the season rolls around, your skin starts asking for more care and protection. Skin becomes oilier and patchy and that acne just won't go away. Hot weather increases the loss of water from the body, leading to dehydration. This can make the skin feel irritated, red, and dry, so be sure to hydrate it and keep water levels high.
Sweating, whether from heat or exercise, can contribute to a specific type of acne commonly known as sweat pimples. The combination of sweat, heat, and friction can clog pores.
Few simple alterations to daily skincare regimen can make your skin ready for this harsh summer. Here are some summer skincare tips to protect your skin and can go a long way.

1. Remove Excess Oil

Sweat and oily skin are the two things that you cannot escape during summers. When the weather gets warmer, sebaceous glands produce excess oil, sweat only makes it worse, resulting in acne. To avoid such skin issues, one should remove excess oil by washing face at least 2 times a day, that is, in the, in the morning, after you wake up and at night, before going to sleep. This will help your skin breathe and keep it hydrated

2. Include toner in the skin care routine.

In summer, the skin tends to produce a lot of oil that gets accumulated in these open pores, which causes acne. Toner removes dirt, grime and impurities stuck in your pores after washing your face. It also restores your skin’s pH level, smooths skin and improves skin tone. Refreshing toners infused with cucumber or aloe vera can be picked.

3. Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrating the skin is one of the most important skin care routines which involves drinking lots and lots of water. One should consume at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. It flushes out all the toxins from your body and keeps your skin radiant and soft. Hydrating masks can be used at night for extra hydration.

4. Exfoliate For Healthy Skin

It’s important to exfoliate your skin with a face scrub. You can purchase a scrub of any famous brand or natural scrubs like coffee grounds with oil or castor sugar with lemon can be used.

Scrubs remove dry and dead cells from pores and rejuvenate skin and make it soft and supple. Excessive exfoliation is not good for skin, so once a week is enough for normal skin.

5. Skin protection with sunscreen

Dermatologist says one should include sunscreen in skin care regime on a daily basis. It is suggested that even if you are not stepping out, you should wear sunscreen as UV rays radiated by electronics at home can damage skin as well.

6. Avoid heavy makeup

Heavy makeup prevents skin from breathing. Moisture and heat also affect the skin’s ability to breathe. Instead of a thick foundation and other cosmetics, you may consider using a tinted lip balm and tinted moisturizer if you need to apply some makeup.

7. Include moisturizer

A moisturizer is important to protect your skin in summer. A non-greasy formula based on your skin type can be selected. But ingredients like antioxidants which are vitamins A and C should be there. If they have SPF, it’s even better. It is best to apply the moisturizer immediately after you shower.

8. Don’t forget your eyes, lips and feet.

Wearing sunglasses is essential to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Use a moisturizing gel under the eyes. And a lip balm with SPF underneath the lipstick. Rub your feet to exfoliate them. Also, apply sunscreen and moisturizer to your feet, especially if you wear open sandals.

9. Drink more water and fruit juices

You consume the amount of water in summer should not be less than 2-3 liters per day. Coconut water, watermelon, and natural juices are a good way to stay hydrated. Drinking water also helps flush toxins out of the body. Include curd and milk in your diet.

10. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables

Include salads and greens like cucumber and lettuce in your meal as they help the body stay cool from the inside out. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, musk melon. Citrus juices and fruits also help maintain healthy skin.

11. Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary sodas make you feel lethargic due to excess sugar. In addition, it does not add any value to the body because it does not have moisturizing properties. If anything, they make you feel bad and help you gain weight. So choose fresh lime instead of cola.

12. Shower twice a day

Maintaining personal hygiene is very important during the summer. Taking a cold shower the night before bed can help remove all the dirt, grime, and sweat that have accumulated on your body during the day and prevent breakouts. Both the morning shower and the night bath should follow a routine of cleaning, smoothing and hydration.

13. Wear breathable fabrics.

Prefer wearing cotton fabric clothes during the summer. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Avoid tight clothing in synthetic fabrics. This can increase your discomfort and cause you to sweat more, which in turn makes your skin itchy and can lead to infections.

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