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7 Most affordable Home decorating material at Banjara Market Gurgaon

banjara market

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7 Most affordable Home decorating material at Banjara Market Gurgaon

7 Most affordable Home decorating material at Banjara Market Gurgaon

7 Beautiful Home Decor Items You Can Get For Rs 20 onwards at the Banjara Market

We all wanted to decorate our homes by watching all of our adorable home decorating videos on YouTube or while scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. But it’s tricky because home décor items, well, they can be quite expensive and no one can spend enough cash to do a complete makeover, right? So we decided to move the furniture and decorations to the famous Banjara Market in G-Town.

It’s a huge home furnishings and decor market, where you can get something as small as doorknobs to beautiful intricately carved full-length wooden mirrors at very reasonable prices. So without further ado, we tell you everything you can get here and more!

1- Mirror Frames and Partitions

banjara market

We’d be lying if we said that we hadn’t imagined having an amazing full-length mirror in our rooms after seeing all the mirror selfies, so this is where you can pick one of those that start at just Rs. 1,800. If you simply want a frame to decorate your home, you can buy the same frames without mirrors and it will cost you around Rs 1,000 and the smaller ones start at just Rs 250. To give your home a real antique look, you can even go for intricate wooden partitions that can be used for various purposes.

Price | Rs 250 and up

2- Chests and small storages

banjara market

Have you saved a lot of things and don’t know where to put them? Whether small or large, you will find a piece of furniture of the right size to organize your life and store what you want in this place. From large wooden cabinets to cute little storage cabinets perfect for your bed, this Banjara market has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Go find the right place for the space!

Price | Rs 400 onwards

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3- Tables and table sets

banjara market

Who wouldn’t want to end the day with a cute and delicious family dinner sitting around a table with their loved ones? Whether it’s a bridal shower pillow or a shared family, this place has beautiful tablet sets for all your needs. On top of that, you get a full board game at an incredible 4K price (you can still bargain)! If you already have one, you can check out antique coffee tables that will add a classic look to your home and will be the perfect accompaniment to book reading sessions or just relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Price | Rs 400 and up

4- Coasters, trays and boxes

banjara market

Once you find the perfect table for your home, it’s time to take it to the next level with our table tidying game! Don’t worry, you’ll find a wide range of coasters and trays to choose from here at Banjara Market. Shop for beautiful mirrors and embroidery, as well as colorful wooden coasters in all shapes and sizes. You also get intricately carved wooden trays in various sizes and designs starting at just 70 cubes. Ultimately, if you need some boxes to store your jewelry or things like that, you can find those too. Price | Rs 50 and above.

5- Beautiful photo frames and wall decorations

banjara market

We all have memories that we cherish forever, so we capture and frame certain special moments. To make those souvenirs stand out even more, get some pretty wood frames of all shapes, sizes, and colors at Banjara Market for the inexpensive price of Rs 50. You can also take home some colorful trinkets to decorate different walls and corners. from your home for as little as Rs 20, so keep looking, you never know when you’ll find the perfect photo frame!

Price | Rs 20 onwards

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6- Chandeliers and candlesticks

banjara market

Who doesn’t love a little light and candles? We definitely do, so to make candlelight dinners at home more special, get a great candle holder from the market. If you’re old-school, you can also put clay lanterns and various cut-out metal lanterns for every occasion. So, buy and make your corner a little lighter.

Price | Rs 100 and above

7- Watering Cans and pots.

banjara market

With all the pollution and concrete all around, making plants a part of your home is essential as it not only brings nature closer to you, but also gives your space a new look. Now that you have your plants, you will also need proper pots to maintain them, which is where this market comes in. You can find pots of various sizes, materials, shapes and colors here at banjara market for less than Rs 70. In fact, you will be able to locate some places that sell good watering cans to preserve your plants. So, go ahead and get a little more now!

Price | Rs 50 and up

Seriously, what more do you need to build your house with affordable prices? Banjara Market should be the place to go in Gurgaon!

After Knowing so much about it,You may definitely wanting to know Banjara Market Gurgaon address and Banjara Market timings.

Banjara Market Gurgaon address:

IILM Institute, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

Banjara Market Timings:

9:00 am to 8:00 pm, open all week days

Banjara market nearest metro station:

If you are coming from Delhi side, then travel upto SikanderPur metro station from there change for Rapid Metro and get down to Banjara Market Metro Station i.e., Sec 54 Chowk

Some More pics of the Epic market and its offerings!!

banjara market
banjara market
banjara market
banjara market
banjara market

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