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BB Cream Vs. Foundation: What Are The Differences?


BB Cream Vs. Foundation: What Are The Differences?

BB Cream Vs. Foundation: What Are The Differences?

Read this article to find out the benefits, application BB cream Vs. foundation

What is BB Cream?

“Blemish Balm” helps to conceal blemishes and also acts as a skin care product. You can think of a BB cream as a multi-tasker offering multiple benefits: it evens out skin tone, nourishes the skin, and provides SPF protection. This skincare and cosmetic product helps protect skin from free radical damage and keeps it hydrated, moisturized and healthy. BB creams differ from moisturizers in that they provide more coverage and provide many skincare benefits in addition to moisturizers.

What is the Foundation?

Foundation has been a part of makeup for longer than BB creams. As the name suggests, it acts as a “base” for your makeup and covers skin imperfections such as acne marks, pimples, large pores, blemishes, dark circles, and uneven skin tone. The base is available in different shades and shades, from light porcelain to dark cocoa. A well-applied foundation works as a flawless foundation for stunning makeup.

How to use BB Cream?

Fingertips or a brush can be used to apply the cream to your face. You don’t need to apply a foundation, sunscreen, or moisturizer separately because the cream is a complete product. After applying the BB cream, compact application is to be done, some lipstick, and eye makeup. You are ready.

Make-up artists and skincare professionals highly recommend BB cream if you have bad skin or if your skin behaves in heat. This gentle BB cream will allow your skin to breathe and make it look amazing.

How to use Foundation?

Cleanse your face and neck and apply toner. Start with a moisturizer. Apply primer, then primer. Apply some foundation stains to your face and neck and spread it evenly with your fingertips, beauty blender, brush, or sponge. Wait a few minutes after applying the first coat of foundation and let it sit on your skin. You may need another coat of foundation before applying the rest of your makeup products.

BB Cream Vs. Foundation

  1. The BB creams have an SPF and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, whereas the foundation does not. However, the SPF in BB creams is helpful in areas with moderate sunlight and shade. It is not enough for strong sunlight or prolonged exposure to the sun.
  2. BB creams have a very limited range of skin tones and are generally available in light, medium, and dark. This makes it difficult for people with exceptionally light and dark skin to find a BB cream shade that matches their skin tone.
  3. BB creams for dry skin keep it hydrated and prevent unwanted breakouts and control oil production on oily skin. Which means BB creams offer skin care benefits which foundation does not.

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