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Beauty treatments like salons that you can do at home


Beauty treatments like salons that you can do at home

Beauty treatments like salons that you can do at home

Are you one of those who google beauty DIYs, but too much information makes you confused, and you end up not doing anything? We have collated a few DIY treatments which can be done at home easily.

1. Make your own face mask with kitchen ingredients

1. Exfoliating coffee mask


  • Mix 1/4 teaspoon of coffee with 1 tablespoon of yogurt.
  • Gently massage this on your face and neck and let it work for five minutes.
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water to reveal brighter, smoother skin.
  • Use it once or twice a week.

2. Moisturizing honey mask

2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil, a little water. Mix all and apply on face. Wash after 10 minutes.

2. DIY deep moisturizing hair mask

Banana mask

2-3 medium sized banana and 2 aloe vera leaves. Apply the mixture with a help of your hair color brush. Make sure the mixture gets deep into your roots. Cover entire scalp and all your hair. Let it sit for 2 hours. Wash your hair with cold water and shampoo it thoroughly.

Bananas are a great way to deeply hydrate your hair because they are rich in natural oils and vitamins. Banana reduces frizz and split ends. Our hair type plays an important role in deciding which product to choose. Deep conditioning is a procedure in which your hair is covered and treated with nourishing products. Re hydrates, strengthens and reduces damage caused by styling and chemicals.

Benefits of a deep conditioning treatment
1. Hydrates your hair
2. Improves shine and strength
3. Reduces damage
4. Strengthen your hair

3. Facial Massage

What does a massage do to your face?

Facial massage trains the facial muscles and agitates the blood to create an even tone. Cleanses pores and allows skin care products to penetrate better. Facial massage also helps drain stagnant fluid that causes swelling on the face.

How to do a facial massage?

  • Firstly, wash your hands and tie your hair back.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and let it dry.
  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Choose oil for your skin.
  • Spray on your face to smooth pores and help oils penetrate easily.
  • Use your fingers in a circular motion to gently massage your face. You can use deep, stimulating movements if you are looking to tighten your skin.
  • If you have sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin, stick with a gentle compress.

Benefits of facial massage

1. Improves blood circulation and removes toxins

Facial massage is like facial exercise and helps improve blood flow to the skin of the face. Research shows that a 5-minute facial massage for a set period of time can significantly improve blood flow and help brighten the complexion. A facial massage stimulates the lymphatic fluid and detoxifies the skin of the face. The lymphatic system is the combination of tissues and organs in the body that remove toxins and other waste products from the body.

2. Reduce stress

A grooming session at a salon or spa is always good, right? Facial massage reduces stress by activating the sympathetic nervous system. The next time you feel anxious or want to improve your mood, you will know what to do!

3. Anti-aging benefits

Facial massage can reduce the appearance of fine lines and help achieve a smoother texture. When your facial muscles tighten, they can cause wrinkles. A facial massage relaxes these muscles and makes wrinkles less visible. As blood circulation increases with massage, collagen production increases. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin firm and prevents it from sagging.You can massage your face for five minutes every day. But do a professional beauty session once every 3-4 weeks. This is your skin’s renewal cycle, and a facial massage once every 28 days ensures smooth and even skin.

4. Give yourself a pedicure

Pamper your feet at home with a homemade pedicure. Due to constant standing or walking, weather conditions, and less skin care, feet gets stiff. With some common products, a professional pedicure can be done at home. All you need is nail clippers, cotton pads, nail Polish remover, cuticle cream, nail file, loofah, a good scrub and foot moisturizer. Assemble your products, follow our step-by-step guide and pamper yourself at home:

Step 1:

First, you need to trim and shape your nails. Remove old nail Polish with nail Polish remover and trim your nails carefully. Make sure you cut it straight and don’t over-cut the corners, as this can result in painful ingrown toenails. Use a nail file to shape them into the desired shape.

Step 2:

Give your feet a nice foot bath. In a tub or sink, fill it with enough warm water to cover your ankles and add some bath salts. Few drops of of any essential oil can be used. Also, add some smooth pebbles to the water. This will provide a gentle massage when you place your feet on them. Soak your feet and leave for 15-20 minutes. Dry them with a towel.

Step 3:

The next step is peeling. Once you are done with the foot bath, pat your feet dry and rub some cuticle cream on the base of each nail. Let it act for a few minutes. Meanwhile, a foot scrub is used and all dead and dry skin cells are removed. Be firm but don’t scrape too much. Then wipe off the skin cream and gently press back with a skin pusher.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the scrubs, wash, cleanse, and hydrate your feet. Hydration helps smooth, hydrate and protect skin from cracks. Rub a large portion on your feet and massage well. Regular foot massage also helps keep nerve endings stimulated, improves blood circulation, and nourishes the skin and muscles of the foot.

Step 5:

Now your nails are ready to decorate. Paint it the color of your choice. Always apply a base coat. Wait for it to dry and then apply a coat of nail Polish. Let it dry completely & then apply the next coat. This will make the nail Polish last longer. You can also play standing up with beautiful anklets or toe rings!

5. Give yourself a manicure

  • Clean your nails with nail Polish remover
  • Trim, archive and refine
  • Push excess skin back
  • Peel your hands
  • Moisturize your hands and skin
  • Apply a base coat to nails.
  • Apply the first coat of color
  • Apply the second coat of color
  • Finish with a top coat
  • Clean rough edges and let your nails dry

6. Sculpt your face with Crystal Gua Sha

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice whose benefits for the face include lifted and defined facial muscles; smoother skin and fewer wrinkles. Simply dip your face in your favorite serum, then use the soft edges of this rose quartz tool to scrape the skin, lifting it from the center of your face towards the hairline.

7. Eliminate under eye puff with tea bags

Tea bags containing caffeine have been shown to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Soak two bags, squeeze out excess liquid, let cool, and you’re done.

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