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Best Teeth Whitening Products That Will Give You The Perfect Smile


Best Teeth Whitening Products That Will Give You The Perfect Smile

Best Teeth Whitening Products That Will Give You The Perfect Smile

Most of the fun things in life can stain your teeth. A cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, and even things like ketchup and berries can make your teeth look dirty. A professional teeth whitening treatment will cost you a fortune. So, we have a list of the best teeth whitening products in India that will give you the perfect smile.

Best Teeth Whitening Products in India

1. Bentodent Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

All-natural toothpaste made without chemicals. Helps remove plaque and fight bad breath with every use. While the bentonite clay helps remineralize, the enamel-safe activated charcoal helps remove stains from the pores of your teeth and helps whiten your teeth. It has powerful detoxifying properties that have been shown to be safe and meet the highest standards for natural oral care. It also comes with a double tapered bristle toothbrush that is very gentle on gums while removing plaque. It’s made from biodegradable cornstarch, which makes it very eco-friendly!

2. Colgate Pro Clinical Teeth Whitening Electric Toothbrush

The sonic electric toothbrush comes with ultra-soft bristles that will start whitening your teeth from day one. The brush head removes surface stains with up to 30,000 strokes per minute. It moves from side to side and up and down and cleans 5 times better than a manual toothbrush. It features an easy 2-minute timer that features a four-spice setting that turns off when it reaches the 2-minute mark. The soft bristles gently care for your gums while you brush your teeth. It also comes with a travel bag.

3. BonAyu Teeth Whitening Strips

The presence of activated carbon in these strips effectively helps to remove stains and plaque from teeth. Teeth whitening strips contain coconut oil. The lauric acid present in coconut oil is effective in killing bacteria responsible for bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. It is particularly effective at killing oral bacteria called Streptococcus mutans, one of the main causes of tooth decay.

4. UrbanBotanics Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

This powder whitens your teeth with the power of activated coconut charcoal. It’s your best friend to detoxify your mouth, eliminate bad breath and gently remove stains quickly and easily. Best of all, it’s free of harmful chemicals, artificial flavors, and colors. The great formula naturally removes stains caused by coffee, wine, and other foods you can’t live without. With just a small touch and flick of a brush, it leaves your teeth whiter without the sensitivity associated with standard sets and strips.

5. Lanbena Teeth Whitening Serum

Teeth whitening serum removes stains caused by smoking or drinking tea in a more effective way. Completely whitens yellow teeth and removes plaque for a complete oral cleansing experience.

6. Stardust Naked Essentials Teeth Whitening Powder

Add shine to your teeth with this whitening powder. The strong, powder-like texture of the powder with teeth whitening ingredients helps restore whiteness and brilliance to teeth. It absorbs toxins and removes bad stains from your teeth, keeping your mouth healthy and smelling fresh for a long time.

7. Cureveda Brilliant Oil Extraction

This product is enriched with virgin coconut oil that contains 50 percent lauric acid that helps maintain oral hygiene, along with immunity provides healthy gums and teeth. It is infused with the scent of coconut with fresh essential oils like clove, eucalyptus oil, peppermint, thyme, and clove oil along with pearl powder. Start each day with the ancient Indian remedy of oil pulling to get rid of bacteria and toxins and build up the body’s natural defenses. A simple change in your routine can create a healthy habit for life.

8. Pearl White ProTouch Drops

This teeth whitening pen has a precision brush to target the surface of each tooth and a clickable cap to easily control the amount of gel. This portable pen provides cleaner breath and cleaner teeth. Give your teeth a quick touch-up before an important meeting, dinner, or anywhere you want to look your best right away. Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be complicated or messy. Simply click the pen, coat your teeth with gel, and get ready for a brighter smile in seconds.

These are the best teeth whitening products in India that will give your teeth a radiant glow in the most natural way.

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