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China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates


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China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates

China coronavirus outbreak: All the latest updates

Coronavirus is a type of virus that generally affects the respiratory tract of the mammals that also includes humans. At first, coronavirus was isolated in 1937 in birds that have the capability to seriously devastate poultry stocks. Scientists have found over the 70 years that coronavirus can infect dogs, mice, pigs, rats, cattle, cats and turkeys. Currently, a coronavirus outbreak is identified in China that is spreading quickly and reached many other countries.

Thousands of people across China have been infected with the coronavirus and there are thousands of more who are under medical observation. The number of coronavirus infection cases is increasing day by day. The death rate of people in mainland China reaches more than 1000.

An increasing number of cases all over the world

Recently, two more cases are confirmed of coronavirus in the Southern state of Bavaria that increases the number to 16. The death recorded due to coronavirus is one case in the Philippines and one case in Hong Kong.

The number of coronaviruses confirmed cases in the UK is estimated at eight after founding four new cases in Brighton. Apart from this, there are lots of people infected from coronavirus in more than 28 countries. It is estimated that there are a total of 45 confirmed cases in Singapore, 32 in Thailand, 18 in Malaysia, 15 in Australia and 26 in Japan. In addition to this, 28 confirmed cases are found in South Korea, 13 in the US, 14 in Germany and 15 in Vietnam. There are lots of other countries where the coronavirus confirmed cases are found that include France, Sweden, Finland, the UK, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Canada, Russia, and some others. People who traveled through mainland China are at the risk to get infected from the virus.

Is the virus being transmitted from one person to another?

The national health commission of China has confirmed the fact that coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person. As of 11 February, the number of death stands at 1016 in China and there are 42638 confirmed infections. Apart from this, there are also confirmed cases in 28 other countries.

When it comes to the number of people get contracted with coronavirus then it is increasing at a higher rate because people are not able to detect the mild symptoms of the virus. It is very important for people to protect themselves from the virus. If you feel unwell then it is essential to avoid other people and wash your hands properly after short time period gaps.

Coronavirus can spread due to sneezing and coughing without covering mouth that can spread the virus in the air. In addition to this, shaking hands and touch a person can also pass the virus or making contact with an object or surface that has the virus can also lead to the spread of the virus. The respiratory conditions develop from coronaviruses such as mers and sars coronavirus can also spread through close touch. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are the most dangerous types of coronavirus. To prevent transmission, it is better to stay at home and maintain hygiene that can keep you safe from coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus vaccine takes 18 months to get ready

According to the World Health Organization chief TedrosAdhanomGhebreyesus, the first vaccine of coronavirus could be available in 18 months. The UN health body announced the official name of the virus that would be COVID-19 in which ‘co’ stood for corona, ‘vi’ stood for virus and’ for the disease. They also said that it is also important to avoid the stigma and other names of it can be inaccurate.

What are the several symptoms caused by the Wuhan coronavirus?

The virus causes pneumonia. People who have fallen ill due to the coronavirus suffer from fever, cough and breathing difficulties. In some of cases, people also face organ failure. If people get admitted to the hospital then they can get proper support for their health. Their recovery will usually depend on the strength of their immune system and proper health as if the person has poor health already then it can lead to death. The viral outbreak is considered a very grave threat for the world and it is essential for people to take care of proper hygiene and consult the health care professional if any symptoms occur. People are advised to take precautions while traveling in Thailand, Singapore, China, and other major affected areas.



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