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Common Mistakes you make while washing your face


Common Mistakes you make while washing your face

Common Mistakes you make while washing your face

Washing the face may look like its an easy task, but not everybody can do it the right way. Following the basic drill of Washing, rinsing and patting your skin dry works but still many people experience either extreme dryness or oiliness afterwards. 

When we get breakouts, the situation gets much worse. This is the major reason why following the basic steps perfectly is extremely crucial. Only then you should move to a complex facial cleansing routine. 

Also, we should never ever go to bed without removing your makeup and washing your face first. Make sure that you do it the right way so that your skin is soft, healthy and glowing all day.

The top 10 Mistakes that we usually make while Washing the Face. These are as follows:

1. Not Cleaning your Dirty Hands before you wash your face

Most of the women just put the face wash onto their hands without first washing the hands. When you do that, the obvious thing that happens is the transfer of bacteria from your dirty hands to your face. This is the most basic step in your face-washing routine. Never make this mistake. Wash your hands properly and then wash the face. 

2. You are Using A Sponge To Wash Your Face

If you are using a fresh new sponge then you can wash your face with it but if your sponge is rough and old, then using it to wash your face may lead to skin damage. The reusable sponges have several bacterias growing in starting from the moment they are in contact with humidity and water. This may lead to severe breakouts if you are still using them even when they are dirty. The ideal thing to do is to throw them away after 5 uses. 

3. Washing Your Makeup the wrong way

When you have to remove your makeup, the best way is double cleansing it off. First of all, use a makeup remover to clean off the makeup. And then use a face cleanser to clean your face. Pat dry your skin after washing and use a toner to remove any residues that get stuck on the surface of your skin.

4. Washing the Face using either too hot or too cold water

If you wash your face using cold water, your pores will shrink and if you are using too hot water, it will completely dry out the skin. The perfect way is to use lukewarm water for washing your face. 

5. Washing the Face Too Fast

If you want clean and fresh-looking skin, don’t just wash your face for 10 seconds and be done with it. Wash it for at least 40-60 seconds so that the ingredients present in your face cleanser can work on the texture of your skin. Gently massage the cleanser into the skin making circular motions with your fingers for an effective cleanse.

6. Washing the Skin Around The Eyes too harshly

Never wash the skin around your eyes in a harsh way. That skin is very thin and delicate. Be careful and don’t wash this area roughly. Do it in a gentle way and use light pressure without rubbing the skin too much.

7. You clean your skin at Irregular Timings

Be consistent if you want amazing skin. Make sure that you are washing your face twice a day. Once in the morning and then after coming back to home. Try to make this a habit so that your complexion and skin stay healthy and fresh.

8. Did not check the ingredients before using the product

Try to use the Products that contain glycerine and niacinamide as they are perfect for your skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, make sure that your products contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid present. 

Using the products that produce a lot of foam isn’t good for your skin whether it is your cleanser, body wash or even shampoo. Such Products contain aggressive surfactants in them which causes them to foam. Always make sure that you read the list of ingredients on your cleansers before purchasing them. If they contain unnecessary additives such as fragrance, color, alcohol or other irritants then stay away from such products. If you have a problematic and an acne-prone or sensitive skin then you should use mild ingredients.

9. You use the cleanser not suitable to your skin type

You should try to buy a face cleanser that suits your skin type.  You can’t just pick any cleanser and expect that it will work for your skin. Always know your skin type. If you have an oily or combination skin type, you should use a gel cleanser or a foaming cleanser with light ingredients. If you have normal, dry or sensitive skin type then you should use a creamy cleanser.

As a rule, you should completely stay away from those cleansers with a lot of foam. Using these may make you think that these products are actually cleaning your face but are actually destroying your skin. It is screwing with the lipid barrier of your skin and interferes with the pH balance of your skin. Try to use only those cleansers that contain little to no foam.

10. Rubbing Your Skin harshly

After washing your face, we, as a habit towel dry our face. 

Many of us may rub our faces aggressively and this habit, in the long run, could cause damage to our skin. This may end up causing the skin ageing process to speed up. The best way to dry your face after washing it is to air dry it. While your skin is a little damp, make sure you apply a moisturizer to your face to lock the hydration.

These are some of the little mistakes that can lead to making the skin look damaged or aged with time. This is the reason why we should pay proper attention to the way we wash our face.

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