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Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Make Your Skin Worse.


Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Make Your Skin Worse.

Common Skincare Mistakes That Can Make Your Skin Worse.

Today, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge we are exposed to and absorb on a daily basis when it comes to skincare. We’ve all made room for acids, vitamins, and more in our Parlour, but are we using them in the right way? All skincare products are effective, but only if they are applied correctly. In addition, there are some daily habits that stem from ignorance that can ruin everything which you do. Overall, here is a rundown of all the skincare mistakes you should stop making.

Not Cleaning The Skin Properly

You are right, cleaning is very important to keep your skin healthy. But what is really the correct way to clean? Oftentimes, you will rub the cleanser on your skin about twice or continue to use it until it is very clean. Either way, you are doing it wrong. Wash your face for about 20 seconds before rinsing it off with warm or cold water (stay away from hot water). In addition, it is also important to choose the right face wash.

Neglecting The Area Under The Jaw

Commercials and endorsements have taught us that skin care is all about the face, but in reality, you should also focus on the neck area. Beauty gurus have instilled the idea of ​​sliding all skincare products below the jawline because signs of aging can also appear on the neck and chest.

Putting Skincare Products in the Wrong Order

Let’s face it, with heavy exposure to tonics, serums, moisturizers, oils, essences, and more, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing about the best way to go. However, an incorrect product overlay may not show any results. Therefore, it is important to layer products in order from the thinnest product to the thickest product to achieve maximum benefits.

Set Your Own SPF Rules

Stop making your own SPF rules, please! Not wearing SPF indoors or during the winter are just a misconception on your mind. You’re not only supposed to put on sunscreen in the sun. It’s essential to put the right amount of SPF 365 days, every morning, no matter, whether you are in or out.

Doesn’t Hydrate Oily Skin Well

One of the most common misconceptions is that oily skin does not need moisturizers, but this is not true. Oily skin can have this oily film on the skin, but it needs moisturizers just like any other skin type. If you omit a moisturizer for oily skin, you can produce more oil to make up for the lack of hydration.

Do Not Change Bedding And Clean Makeup Brushes Regularly

These are little habits that can cause big problems. Your skin is constantly exposed and clings to your pillowcase overnight as the brush touches every inch of your face. Therefore, your pillowcase and makeup brushes become home to many germs and bacteria that can cause and worsen acne. Likewise, you should keep cleaning your phone screens as well.

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