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Corona Virus hits national capital: Two new cases detected in Delhi and Telangana

Coronavirus In Delhi

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Corona Virus hits national capital: Two new cases detected in Delhi and Telangana

Corona Virus hits national capital: Two new cases detected in Delhi and Telangana

Corona Virus also is known as COVID – 19, is basically a part of a large family of various types of coronaviruses which are causing mild to severe respiratory illnesses. Many people suffer from common cold which is some type of coronavirus.

All this started to occur in 2003 with a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and then in 2014 in the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Now COVID-19 started spreading in December. As updated that Coronavirus Hits Delhi and 31 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in India. A person infected has a travel history to Thailand and Malaysia. Two fresh cases were reported on Monday, one from Delhi and one from Telangana having travel History of Iran and Dubai respectively.

Two schools are set close in Noida due to the terror of coronavirus and Delhi Coronavirus screening continues in the airports and more safety measures are being adopted. Another person was put in isolation who landed in Jaipur after he showed symptoms of COVID-19. In the first test, he found negative but as the doctors were not fully satisfied he went through the second test in which he tested positive. As both the report results different, so his samples have been sent again for the examination.

After infecting tens of thousands of people from almost all over 60 different countries now its terror is knocking on Indian doors. As on Tuesday, it has infected 60 thousand people over 60 countries and now Coronavirus in Delhi has infected six family members and they have tested positive for the virus. They have been cordon-off at safdarjung hospital in New Delhi. There is an exponential increase in the number of cases reported. This news is continuously terrifying the citizens and the government is trying their best to succeed over COVID-19.

The officials of the Telangana health department are in the procedure of examining and conducting on the one who met the techie of Hyderabad in the last fortnight and coronavirus news is spread all over the country so everyone can protect themselves by adopting precautions.

Government cogs up for a battle of coronavirus

Restrictions on travel:

On Tuesday, a revised list regarding travel advisories warning the citizens of India against traveling China, South Korea, and Italy which came among worst hit by the outbreak of coronavirus was issued by the government. The Indians were advised to avoid all the traveling which is non-essential especially to those countries that have been affected by the Virus. Many precautions are being taken by the travel agency as symptoms of Coronavirus in Telangana have also shown up with a travel history from Dubai to Bangalore.

Medicines export restricted:

On Tuesday only, the government moved to accomplish the dearth of medicines in the country. The export of several essential medicines like paracetamol, acyclovir, ornidazole, neomycin, metronidazole and many more were restricted by the Directorate General of Foreign trade.

Boost in screening:

The screening of passengers at airports and other ports through which they enter the country has been increased. Ministry of Health states that every single passenger arriving directly or indirectly from any of the virus-infected country must undergo the medical screening and proper isolation will be done while entering India.

Laboratories all set for battle:

Indian laboratories are all set for a fight and to screen the coronavirus. Indian Council of Medical Research stated that at least 12 laboratories and centers to be equipped for testing coronavirus. The National Institute of Virology is the foremost laboratory for all the verification and reconfirmation of all the tests, located in Pune. The most widespread news is Coronavirus news so that more and more can get aware.

Decontamination of aircraft:

New guidelines were issued making it mandatory for all aircraft from the virus-infected countries to be sanitized on their arrival as the main source of entry of corona Delhi is airports and other ports. These guidelines were issued on Tuesday by the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The buses which are used to transport the passengers on the planes which are arriving from Japan, Italy and South Korea too are to be mandatorily sterilized. Many health guidelines are being provided by the government as well as many actions are taken so that the country can fight with the virus. Kerala too reported 8 more cases of viruses which included a parent of a 3-year-old child. The virus has no antidote yet but as per the latest updates the virus cannot survive in high temperature so all we can do is to pray for an increase in temperature.

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