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How To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil At Home

Cuticle Oil At Home


How To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil At Home

How To Make Your Own Cuticle Oil At Home

I don’t remember the last time I hugged my natural nails for more than a week, I know this problem a lot of girls and women’s out there are also facing. Why not to take benefit during a lockdown and give our nails some nutrition and oil they needed.

I am addicted to nail extensions. Sometimes, the plastic surgeon has to beg me not to have extensions because my nails are as thin as paper.

Constant manicures weakened and weakened my nails, and I began to crack even when I perform basic tasks such as washing my hair or scratching my arm. But thank God for the skin’s oil. In just one week, I saw a huge improvement in the condition of my nails and I was ready to pull my claws again.

For those of you who don’t know, skin oil is a moisturizing product that helps your nails and nails get stronger with every use. It consists of essential oils and vitamins that help strengthen our nails from the inside. Anyone with cracked, brittle, thin, or inverted nails can use skin oil. But don’t worry if you don’t have skin oil on hand, as we’ll tell you how to make one at home!

How to make the skin oil yourself at home

If you’ve ever paid attention to what your esthetician is doing while getting a manicure rather than scrolling on Instagram, you may notice that they always use skin peel to cut dead skin around your nails (complexion!).

But don’t worry, after using this oil, your nails and skin will feel nourished in a short time!

You will need:

– Almond oil

-Vitamin E tablets

-Lavender essential oil

-Rose essential oil

– Suppression

Empty nail polish bottle (or dropper bottle)

Step 1: Take the empty container and pour a few drops of almond oil, lavender oil, and rose oil with a funnel.

Step 2: Cut 2-3 Vitamin E tablets and add them to your oils.

Step 3: Close the lid of the container and shake it to mix all ingredients properly.

Step 4: DIY skin oil is now ready to be applied to your nails.

Why does this work?

All of the above-mentioned oils are amazing for strengthening our nails.

Almond oil: contains important vitamins A, B1, B6 and E that protect our nails from cracking or exfoliation. It also gives and provides surprising results for dry nails.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E contains moisturizing benefits that help prevent our nails from turning yellow, reverse nails damage, and soften nails and nails. If you don’t have any of the ingredients, you can always use one tablet directly to massage your dry nails.

Lavender Essential Oil: Due to its antifungal properties, Lavender oil is highly recommended for people with nail fungus. It also helps to strengthen the keratin (the protein that makes up our nail), which makes our nails strong and healthy.

Rosehip Essential Oil: Helps nourish nail polish, improves the condition of our nails and is essential for treating cracked nails.

Are you ready to nail it?

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