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Weight loss tips and Tricks to follow during Diwali

Diwali weight loss tips

Health & Fitness

Weight loss tips and Tricks to follow during Diwali

Diwali weight loss tips

Weight loss tips and Tricks to follow during Diwali

Diwali is a Hindu festival that is also known as the festival of lights. It is commonly celebrated by decorating the house like new, using diyas to light up the house and a lot of tasty sweets, dry fruits, and nuts. The most important key is to control your portion sizes try to switch to eating only homemade mithai and don’t forget to get active. A lit bit of self-control will enable you to enjoy your Diwali without any guilt of overeating. Indulging in the sweets and other tasty food is harmless until you overdo it. Enjoying your Diwali parties and family and friends get-togethers does not have to end in you feeling bloated and overstuffed if you exercise a little bit of self-control over your eating.

Here is a list of tips and tricks to help you celebrate Diwali 2019 without the constant fear of gaining weight and dealing with other health issues. Keep reading!

1. Homemade Mithai over Readymade sweets

Diwali seems to be incomplete without sweets. Whether it is to distribute the sweets in family and friends or to indulge in a little sweet time you, Sweets will be found in every household. It is a better option to cook your sweets at home. It is important to take out the time to cook mithai on your own along with your family members. This will help the family to spend some quality time together. The amount of sugar, as well as other ingredients, can be added as per your wish and this will help you to not worry about the weight gain as you control the quantity of sugar to add in your mithai.

2. Stay Active and Exercise

People find an excuse because of the Festival Holidays to continue with their exercise routine. But it is important to not skip exercise during this five-day festival as you will be gaining weight because of all the sweets and other delicious dishes. If not a lot, you should at least find a half an hour to one hour of daily exercise time. Even 15 minutes of exercising would be enough as you are to stay active. You can either try the HIIT workout that can be finished in 15 to 20 minutes max. You need not worry about the weight gain if you plan to exercise during the festival period. This makes indulging in sweets without any guilt of weight gain possible. You should also get the exercises to lose the belly fat.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying Hydrated is one of the most important Diwali Weight loss tips that you can follow. It has been suggested to drink a glass of water after every glass of a drink with alcohol. The reason behind this is that consuming alcohol causes dehydration which ultimately causes fatigue, nausea, indigestion, hangovers and other health issues. Avoid mixing up your drinks and drink enough water to stay hydrated. If you can, then avoid alcohol this Diwali altogether.

4. Get a Good Sleep

Late-night Diwali parties and drinking Alcohol can affect your sleep cycle badly. This is because consuming alcohol disturbs the sleep and you may end up waking up in the middle of the night. Try to get your sleep by taking a nap in the afternoon as you need to get a good sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep helps to prevent fatigue, tiredness, mood swings and weight gain during the Diwali season.

5. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is another way to stay fit and try eating more healthy during festivals. Try having dinner or some snacks before you head out for Diwali parties or a gathering. Don’t munch on the food and snacks so much. If you feel hungry, try indulging in only the food that has been prepared at home. Intermittent fasting helps to give a detox from all the munching on the sweets and snacks and drinking alcohol.

6. Get your nutrients

You should make an effort to eat home-cooked food as much as you can. Apart from indulging in the sweets, have an Indian Weight loss diet including dal, rice, roti, salad etc that provides you with enough nourishment including the fibre, protein, carbs and fat. Also adding ghee to your food as it helps to enhance the taste of your food.  Getting enough nutrients is an effective way to stay healthy deal with Diwali and Weight gain. Try to include all the five food groups in your meals during this time.

7. Don’t burst crackers this Diwali

You can Light diyas everywhere in your house, but do not burn crackers at all. The main purpose of the festival is to enjoy with friends and family. It is important to take a step for reducing air pollution as much as you can by deciding not to burst crackers. Air pollution results in congestion, cough, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues.

8. Learn to Maintain a proper balance

Weight loss requires to find them if not perfect then a little balance of the healthy goods. It doesn’t make any sense to stay away from all the yummy Diwali food as a little indulgence never hurts but it is equally important to finding the right balance. Practice moderation in eating. It is very easy to go overboard with all the sweets and snacks as they are available only exercises to lose belly fat during the festival of lights. But finding the right balance in your meals will help you indulge in sweets guilt-free. For instance, have a little fibre filled snack before you head out to a Diwali party, Drinking water whenever you can, eating fruits in the morning or afternoon?  The goal is to maintain your current weight if not losing weight.

9. Controlling your portion sizes

It will be easier for you to enjoy all your favourite snacks such as burger, panipuri, pavbhaji, biryani and many more. If these foods are taken in smaller quantities then it will be easier for you to prevent the extra weight. Try to Begin your meals with a nutritious vegetable soup or a green salad, then only come to the main course. This will help you to not eat more of the heavy main course as you will become full already.

10. Drink fresh detox juices

After the Diwali festival, you should try to detox your body by drinking fresh detox juices made with all-natural ingredients first thing in the morning. It helps to detoxify your body from all the harmful toxins. Try having grapefruit juice or honey and lemon juice. Add a little apple cider vinegar to your juice. Have juices that are rich in Vitamin C as they are good for weight loss. It is best to have these juices before your meals basically on an empty stomach. Eat curd and try to stay as hydrated as possible. If you wish to do a full-body cleanse post-Diwali, then you should have a bowl of curd. Consuming yoghurt helps lower the body weight and it also contains bacteria that help digest your food faster. It is vital to get your nutrients during the Diwali season. Hence you should eat with caution while also indulging a little in the yummy food. The important thing is to stay on your track and practice moderation.



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