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Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?


Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a quick spray of your favorite facial mist. With an innovative diffusion system and a singing scent that will accompany you throughout the day. You will probably be hard pressed to find excuses not to use them all day. But beyond refreshing your face, how effective is your facial mist in replenishing your skin’s moisture reserves? In what order should it be used to avoid drying the skin further and what is the common ingredient that deprives the skin of its natural moisture? We investigated and here’s what we learned.

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

The science behind how facial mists work

Facial mists are much more than a simple delivery system of active ingredients. “For skin to feel healthy and youthful, it needs to be well hydrated,” says renowned dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai. Adding, “A facial mist helps our skin do just that with skin moisturizing ingredients, such as acid. hyaluronic, spring water, rose water and essential oils in a spray bottle. The humectants in the mist make the skin immediately fresh and dewy. As soon as the skin is hydrated, it plumps up and begins to radiate a healthy glow.

In the pursuit of hydrated skin, some skincare saviors stand out more than others – think humectants like lactic acid, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid that improve the absorption of moisturizers. You’ll also find rose water, coconut water, and cucumber water that make frequent cameos in Facial Mist Alley. When buying, Dr. Pai also recommends looking for squalene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other plant extracts. Dr Rashmi Shetty, a dermatologist based in Mumbai and Hyderabad, adds: “The new formulas offer key vitamins that help with hydration. Thus serving as a practical alternative to a serum for oily skin.

How Effective Are Facial Mists Really?

Do face mists really help to hydrate your skin?

For starters, taking the time to spray a facial mist throughout the day will guide your hydration levels in the right direction. But there are limits to what it can realistically achieve. Dr Shetty says, “Facial mists can hydrate, calm, soothe, repair barrier function and act as a skin protector. If you live in a dehydrated environment, this is a convenient option for keeping skin hydrated for the problem. However, is making sure you use it the right way to avoid drying out your skin further.

The biggest no-no? Just spray a face spray on your makeup throughout the day. Dr Pai explains: “A face spray is best used on freshly cleansed skin. You may feel the need to spray the mist during the day between work and travel, but it will only stay on your makeup and dirt without really getting into your skin. So while they’re designed to hydrate and hydrate the skin, using them incorrectly or on the wrong type of skin could defeat the goal, he believes.

As a general rule, it is useful to follow his practical guide: The skin must be cleansed before applying the mist As soon as the mist is used. It is important to supplement it with an emollient moisturizer to trap the moisturizing molecules in the skin for longer, “he explains. The penalty for not following it with a moisturizer comes in the form of drier skin than before. He adds: “In dry and cold weather or even in an air-conditioned room, the moisture in our skin evaporates. By simply applying a mist to the face. It can further remove the natural moisture from the skin. It leaves the skin even more dehydrated.

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