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Do weather changes make you sad? Follow these 5 steps for a great winter

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Do weather changes make you sad? Follow these 5 steps for a great winter

Do weather changes make you sad? Follow these 5 steps for a great winter

In recent weeks, the weather has been volatile as most of us have been working from home and from home, for almost two years! At one point it is hot and humid, on the other, it is breezy with a slight chill, and immediately afterward, heavy rains and thunderstorms!

This calls for a wardrobe change where we put on cardigans and highlight our favorite fall cakes. It also encourages us to change the decor of the house, while we get our doodle out and switch to no air conditioning. But the other necessary change, which is generally overlooked, is a lifestyle. So, read on to discover the best way to take care of ourselves and make this season blues-free.

1. Hydrate

Most of the time, we choose to quench our thirst by drinking cold or ice water. This often impacts our system and encourages our neurotransmitters to send false signals to our brain that we are no longer thirsty. Instead, pamper your body and intestine with lukewarm or lukewarm water. This allows us to drink more water, cleanse our intestines, and ensure that any viruses that enter our bodies are eliminated.

2. Skincare

Seasonal changes often lead to cracks in the outer layer of the skin, loss of hydration, and inflammation, all of which affect the overall health of our skin. These problems occur because the skin’s barrier is broken during the weather transition, making it susceptible to inflammation and irritation.

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This Vilma bath gel contains skin softeners that help soften and hydrate the skin.

3. Nutrition

Support your body and mind during seasonal changes by making necessary changes to your eating plan. These changes, although minor, will ensure that you stay healthy and active all year long. Eat heat-producing foods with more protein, carbohydrates, fats, and starchy vegetables. Add seeds like flax, chia, pumpkin, watermelon, musk, watermelon, etc. to your diet along with grains, beans, and dairy products. Also, eat fried and baked foods to stay full and energized.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise consisting of cardio and strength training is an ideal way to keep your body active and lift your spirits. Extreme weather changes often leave you feeling lethargic, sad, and unmotivated. One way to ensure you get a burst of energy and happiness is to partner with a friend or coach to help you stay on track and keep moving. If intense weight lifting and cardio are not your things, you can definitely indulge in mind-relaxing yoga.

5. SunBath

Getting enough natural light each day can help you feel positive, focused, and rejuvenated. Getting 30 minutes of natural light as soon as you wake up can help boost serotonin levels, which in turn increases melatonin levels and helps you sleep better at night, and also keep your hormones balanced. But if you are going out in the sun, don’t forget to wear a good amount of sunscreen. Remember that sunscreen is not only designed for summer, it must be applied in all seasons.

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