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Getting ready for your wedding day? Once everything is ready to go according to plan, there is only one thing that needs your attention and that is the appearance of your beauty. You may have already made sure to monitor your skin and hair and your health as much as possible. You may definitely need help with styling because it’s not always an easy task, but makeup is something you can control. Whether you have an MUA friend to help you out or use your acquired skillset to kill your wedding day.

The Do’s:

Prepare your skin

Many brides forget to follow the basic steps of skincare before putting on makeup. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) should always be part of your daily routine. Clean, moisturizing, and flawless face. The CTM routine allows makeup to glide smoothly onto skin and blend seamlessly. It’s an important routine to follow before layering makeup because it makes it feel better on your skin and gives it a more natural look and feel. Create a strict skincare regimen and stick to it long before the wedding.

Don’t pay full attention to your eyes

Your eye makeup will make or break your look. To lighten the area, choose the appropriate concealer before applying makeup. Also before the big day, you can try on a few pairs of eyelashes and invest in the one that suits you best.

Build your base correctly

The primer prepares your skin as a soft canvas for bridal makeup. It also makes your makeup last longer. The most important aspect of makeup is choosing the right foundation color. Choose the one that complements your skin tone. Instead of a thick coat of foundation, apply a thin coat and apply to areas where you need more coverage. Build eyeshadows and lipsticks in the same way. Apply a small amount of eyeshadow, blend, and repeat the process several times. Then apply the concealer only to the areas that still show slight discoloration, such as around the nose, the edges of the lips, and under the eye area, and blend well. Apply and apply the lipstick several times for a long-lasting stain.
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Choose the right shade of lipstick

Not all brides want a shiny look; Some prefer to keep their makeup simple and natural, so in this case, choose a glossy lipstick; Choosing the correct color is important. Bright pinks and reds are perfect for creating a subtle princess look and with a wide range of nude shades, you can even mix and match lipsticks with the ones you like best.


Don’t Cake On the foundation 

Most people make the big mistake of layering or adding too many base coats to make it last as long as possible. This is a huge makeup mistake that should be avoided at all costs, especially for the bride. The base will look artificial, doughy, and chalky all day long and it will look unreal in photographs.

Don’t use sunscreen

It’s best to avoid sunscreen on your wedding day because it can make her face look too white with the camera flash. It can make your skin look greasy and sticky. It is better to avoid sunscreen. Instead, use light moisturizers that contain SPF to prep skin before applying makeup and perhaps a foundation that contains SPF as well.

Do not wax or exfoliate your face on the day of the party

These treatments will dry out your skin and can cause sensitivity and inflammation. Your skin will only respond negatively to makeup. Finish your treatments at least five days in advance to make sure your skin is ready to look its best for the day.

Don’t forget to hide the lip area.

The concealer helps the color of your lips stay longer, adds dimension to the tone, and prevents the appearance of feathers. Putting a little of this product on the cupid’s bow will make the lipstick brighter. Therefore, it is very important to hide the lip and chin area and then apply the lipstick.

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