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Do’s and Don’ts To Prevent Hair Loss – Glammpop

do's and don'ts to prevent hair loss


Do’s and Don’ts To Prevent Hair Loss – Glammpop

Do’s and Don’ts To Prevent Hair Loss – Glammpop

Hair is one of the delicate elements that require the utmost attention and care. Therefore, you must focus on your eating patterns and ensure that your hair receives the proper amount of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. No matter what kind of shampoo, conditioner, or keratin treatment you do, you will still miss out on the simplest natural solutions to combat hair loss. Do not stress! We give you a list of what you should and should not do to close the chapter on hair loss in your life.

1. Use a Wooden Comb with Wider Teeth

The type of comb you use can also be the cause of brittle and unhealthy hair. Do not use plastic combs that have narrow teeth as they can cause hair breakage. Switch to a wooden comb and say goodbye to grease, dandruff, and hair loss in no time.

2. Ditch the Rubber Bands and Switch to Satin Scrunchies

Rubber bands can pull on your hair every time you tie a ponytail. No matter how high or low the ponytail you tie it, hair breakage and hair fall are sure to pave your way. Switch to silk ties because they don’t cause rips or kinks. Also, rubber bands don’t welcome a headache as much as a tight rubber hair tie.

3. Use a Towel to Dry your Wet Hair

If you are towel drying your hair after each hair washes, hair loss is welcome. Use a washcloth or towel to soak all the water out of your wet hair. It prevents hair from tangling, while the coarse fibers of a normal towel can damage it.

4. Always Brush your Hair Once a Week

Your hair requires as little moisture as the skin on your face. If you stop oiling your hair completely, your hair can become dry and frizzy. It is recommended to use coconut oil once a week so, that your hair will retain the correct amount of moisture it needs.

5. Use Detangling Shower Comb to Style Natural Hair

Using heat tools daily and not messing with natural hairstyles can lead to excessive hair loss. Replace your curling irons and curlers with a detangling comb. This comb detangles your hair by gently removing knots. It is very suitable for wet hair and effective enough after the conditioner has been applied. Believe it or not, this comb can leave you in awe with its results.

Now you can say hello to healthy hair with a big smile on your face. This hair equipment will help you fight hair loss in the most natural way. With the right amount of nutrients, your hair will never let you down. But go over all your mistakes that were ruining your hair and replace them with natural ones. Don’t forget to make every hair move count!

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