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Effective Ways to Control Hunger Pangs

hunger pangs

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Effective Ways to Control Hunger Pangs

There are times when we wonder if we are eating right, doing all the things which are in our control but still not losing weight. There are various concerns that we never think of before eating right or should I say we never do mindful eating. 

Who thinks before eating??

We being an Indian were always pampered with love, support, and a lot of food.

Yes, a lot of food. And we never ever think about it. 

Eating fried food- thinking “Itana to Banta hai”  once in a while

Eating on odd hours- “Kabhi Kabhi chalta hai”

But these odd, uneven food eating habits make us fat and become a problem of so many things. I, myself have faced such issues. But i think it is important to eat right rather than eating less. People eat less and starve themselves to make themself fit into their tight jeans or a T-shirt they love, but I have done all such things and have come to a conclusion that it is important to eat in small regular meals, think what you are eating, eat good, eat fibrous food, eat protein.

Here are some of the tips, and tricks that should be considered before eating.


  • Eat protein: 


Eating protein daily is good and provides a feeling of fullness for longer hours. It also helps with weight loss. Studies suggested that taking a high amount of protein helps in preventing muscle loss while doing dieting. Researchers suggest that making at least 20-30% of your diet with protein helps in long term benefits. 


  • Detox your body:


People now know the importance of doing detoxification. There are various detox drinks which provide benefits if taken for a considerable amount of time. Detox drinks or infused water are gaining a lot of popularity these days and people who have seen its positive results are inkling more towards it. 

For starters one can take: 

Infused water: cumin infused overnight soaked water

Infused water: One can also add lemon, apple, lime, cinnamon, pineapple, many more to the water, and let it sit for a few hours before taking it. 

Detox drinks: I have seen people taking, green detox smoothies like- 

Lemon, green apple, spinach, celery, cilantro. There are many other detox drinks that can be made. You can also try strawberry and cinnamon detox, pear and raspberry, etc. 


  • Always go for solids rather than Liquid, when hungry:


Studies have suggested that those who incline more towards the solid or semi-solid food get fulfilled rather than those who take liquid calories. The solid or semi-solid food gives you a more fulfilled feeling and keeps you away from eating unnecessarily and hence increasing calorie intake.


  • Go for Fibrous food:


Eating food which is full of fiber helps in many ways, it helps in weight loss, it gives the feeling of fullness as it stretches the stomach lining and hence makes you feel fuller. It also ferments in the intestine and makes small chain fatty acids.

In a recent study, it was said that peas, beans, lentils in your diet can make you feel 31% more fulfilled than having non-fibrous food. 


  • High water intake:


It is always said that drinking water is good. But no one tells how much and when?

The timing of drinking water is a very crucial part. It is advised that not to drink water after taking a meal, it is good to intake water at least 45 minutes prior to meal intake.


  • Taking green tea or black coffee:


Green tea and black coffee in small doses are beneficial for the body as it helps in losing weight, improves immunity, and is rich in antioxidants. Apart from these, it helps in preventing cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, helps in maintaining longevity, and muscle growth.


  •  Omega-3 fats:


We always heard that Omega-3 fats are good if taken in small amounts. It indeed is good to be taken, it is good for weight loss as well, as it gives you the feeling of fulfillment and helps you to cut down unnecessary calories. It also helps in maintaining the vision, maintaining mood, etc. 


  • Avoid junk and fried food:


Even though junk food, fried food looks tempting but is not a good eating choice. It is necessary to eat healthy with lots of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, roasted seeds, roasted chana. There are many recipes that will make your normal food tasty and full of flavors that you can savor without getting a feeling of disgust. 

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