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8 Fabulous Chikankari Suits Collection That You Should Know

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Fashion Trends

8 Fabulous Chikankari Suits Collection That You Should Know

8 Fabulous Chikankari Suits Collection That You Should Know

Ever since the old trends started coming back into fashion, many traditional clothes have been revived and become very popular again in a very short time. One such trend is the chikankari suits now worn by women of all ages all over the world. Chikankari suits are basically a special type of embroidery that originates from the Lucknow region of India. Chikankari embroidery is a very delicate form of hand embroidery that can be done on a variety of fabrics, such as georgette, cotton, organza, etc.

Let us give you an overview of everything you need to know about this beautiful chikankari.

Pastel Colors with chikankari Embroidery:

Many of you have questions about the perfect everyday dress that you can wear to formal parties as well. Well, look no further because we have the answer stored in our store. The latest chikankari suits with chikankari dupattas are perfect for everyday wear and can also be easily worn for parties or gatherings. Exquisite chikankari embroidery on high-quality fabrics including linen, georgette, and cotton is all you need to create an elegant look.

Take the dresses shown in the photo below as an example. Exquisite embroidery makes these dresses perfect for you to wear to any gathering. Pastel colors used in dresses are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. An absolute mix of formal and informal, these Pakistani chikankari suits will look good on you for any occasion.

Chikankari Fabric with Golden Embroidery:

If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, opt for a dress in a deeper color like the one below. Charming gold chikankari embroidery on georgette fabric really comes into its own when paired with a darker color. Combine your dress with a suitable type of jewelry and you will be good to wear at any party, meeting, or even a day out with friends!

Lucknowi Andaaz Chikankari Suits for Weddings:

If you thought that daily wear and gatherings are the only places where you can wear a cool Lucknowi chikankari suit, you are wrong. Whether it’s a wedding or post-wedding party, you’ll find something perfect in Lucknowi andaaz’s wide range of chikankari suits.

For example, you can have a dress like the one below to rock any mehndi or mayo event. Beautiful chikankari embroidery in stunning mustard yellow is the perfect dress for such occasions. You can play around with the colors and even mix and match them for a contrasting look.

Stunning Chikankari Suits for a Stunning Look:

As spring opens its arms to us, we look for new and vibrant colors to wear. To fulfill your sweet spring mood, here are some yellow and green pistachios for your wardrobes. Get this voluminous chikankari suit with subtle chikankari work throughout the shirt which, as always, is irresistibly charming to look at, along with beautiful brass embroidery on the neckline and a touch of intricate motifs on the sleeves.

Pistachio green will steal your attention with the subtle details of the chikankari texture, and pairing it with a sheer work dupatta adds to the dazzle. Complete your surreal look with dangling earrings and a beautiful maang tikka piece.

Chikankari Lehenga for Weddings:

In India, you will see many women wearing Chikan suits and chikankari lehenga at weddings. You’ll also find many local designers and shops selling Chikan lehengas that look absolutely amazing in every color. Here is a beautiful light pink wedding dress with chikankari embroidery that will make any bride’s day more beautiful. You can wear the white chikankari suit to make the lehenga look royal on you or you can even use different colors or add brighter colors to enhance the beauty of your outfit.

Beautiful And Elegant Chikankari Suit:

Chikankari suits are very famous all over the world for their delicate and beautiful embroidery. But the chikankari saree is a common thing among the women of India. Since chikankari originates from the city of Lucknow, Lucknowi chikankari is famous for its beauty and elegance. If you can’t find a suitable saree dress, you can easily get no-sew chikankari outfits and get the DIY saree like this luxurious Chikankari saree shown in the image below.

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