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Eight types of makeup brushes every makeup lover should Know


Eight types of makeup brushes every makeup lover should Know

Eight types of makeup brushes every makeup lover should Know

While this 20-piece brush set may look cute, most of them are not needed by the daily makeup user. Better to invest in the brushes that you can benefit more from than buying a set and not using half. Here, we have selected a list of 8 makeup brushes with each of their uses so that you can decide which brushes are right for you.

1. Polishing Brush

If you prefer to apply foundation with a brush rather than a damp sponge, this is for you. It is easier to use than a traditional flat base brush. The tightly attached bristles help to smoothly buff liquids, creams, and powders onto the skin. You can use it to apply foundation, concealer, and cream blush. The softness of the brush will give you a deluxe feel.

2. Pointed Brush

The tapered facial brush is perfect for strategically powdering your face. The slightly shiny bristles pick up just enough product to give you control over how much you want to apply, and the size is small enough to accommodate crevices on your face that may need powder around the nose, between the eyebrows, above the chin. etc. You can also use it to apply a highlighter to your cheekbones or to define the hollows of your cheeks.
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3. Eye Brush

This brush is a perfect size and shape for applying eyeshadow of all kinds. Use to fill in the crease with color and as a blush to spread rough edges.

4. Small Angle Brush

If you like to define your brows with powdered products, an angled brush like this will be invaluable. The fine tip is useful for creating hair-like lines to fill in separate areas of the brows. Since the bristles are so stiff, this can also double as an eyeliner brush. The slanted shape makes drawing movements and wings of all kinds relatively easy.

5. Fluffy Brush

The fluffy brush is best suited for use with loose or compact powders. It’s great when you want to cover large areas of your face with setting powder, bronzer, or blush.

6. Anti-Wrinkle Brush

If a smoky eye is your favorite style, it would be wise to keep one of these brushes on hand at all times. The soft bristles and cleverly pointed tips will make the perfect eyeshadow blending process that much smoother.

7. Pencil Brush

To blend the lower lash line with color, you need a brush. The short, compact bristles are ideal for cleaning just the right amount of eyeshadow along the lower lashes. Also, the small size and round shape make it a great tool for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

8. Detail Brush

This little brush has a lot of power. This detailing brush is your go-to for a more complex contouring style. Plus, it works perfectly to accurately hide scars and small blemishes.

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