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Expert Speak: All That You Need To Know About Water Birth

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Expert Speak: All That You Need To Know About Water Birth

Expert Speak: All That You Need To Know About Water Birth

Water birth is one of the natural processes of childbirth. The process ensures a smooth transition from the womb to life which helps the woman deal with the pain of childbirth and keeps the baby calm. Waterbirth is now gaining prominence in India but there are still many misconceptions regarding this process.

According to numerous observational studies and systematic reviews around the world, women who choose to give birth in water have experienced the following Things:

Less pain before the first stage and late labor

Less pain after childbirth

The researchers concluded that waterbirth is generally a better experience with less pain, more relaxation, and better control during labor.

What is the water birth?

During a waterbirth, the mother stays in the water (in a pool or bathtub) during labor and birth pains. It is a safe procedure when performed under expert supervision and has many benefits that make childbirth easier for the mother.

Water Birth

Waterbirth is a safe option for you and your baby if:

• The fetus is in good health and has a normal heart rhythm

• No history of chronic disease/no high-risk pregnancy

• The fetus is in an upright presentation (ideal position for labor)

• A load

• Safe from complications and infections

If you have any complications, tell your doctor so, they can choose what’s best for you and your baby.

Water Birth

Benefits of water birth

The top six benefits of waterbirth are:

• The warm water in the pools relieves the pain of childbirth and helps to relax the mother’s body.

• Immersing the body in water gives the mother’s body more control and flexibility.

• Since warm water is soothing, it can help to improve blood circulation, reduce labor pain, and reduce the need for painkillers

• Buoyancy effect in water reduces vaginal tearing and reduces stress hormone

• Waterbirth is a reliable and healthy option because it reduces complications and contributes to a speedy recovery

Childbirth is a new experience for every mother, and being born in the water makes the mother feel more connected and involved in the whole process.

Water Birth


While waterbirth is a safe and reliable technique, despite the advantages, some of the potential risks that may be associated with the waterbirth process are that it may be less dangerous because the baby can hold its breath underwater.

Despite minor complications, if waterbirth is carried out with thorough preparation and expert guidance, it can be carried out without any risk. The birthing process is an important experience for any mother, and it can be enhanced by giving birth in water. However, each birthing procedure has its limitations, and a waterbirth should be performed under the supervision of health professionals and post-consultation support staff.

Water Birth

Preparing for a water birth

The labor process during childbirth is intense, and the mother goes through a lot both psychologically and physically. Since waterbirth is different from the usual natural birthing process, here are some things you should do before giving birth in water to avoid complications later:

• Complete details about the operation

• You are under the supervision of a doctor or nurse during the first few hours of labor, as regular monitoring is essential

Water Birth

• Waterbirth is a more private and relaxing experience, and you can wear comfortable clothing or a soft towel during labor

• You may be encouraged to get out of the water from time to time while medical staff helps you through the process.

Since waterbirth is different from the traditional birthing process, it is necessary to ask all the details and clear all doubts from your doctor. Be sure to stay calm and avoid any stress or anxiety during the procedure.

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