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Eye Makeup Tips to make your eyes look bold and beautiful

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Eye Makeup Tips to make your eyes look bold and beautiful

Eye makeup tips

Eye Makeup Tips to make your eyes look bold and beautiful

There are many ways to make your eyes look big and bold. Here we are with a list of the top makeup tips for all you makeup enthusiasts to get the big bold eyes! Even the beginners can also try out these tips for a magical look.

Eye makeup can be tricky in so many ways and there are various products used to get the perfect look. These products include Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow liner, concealer, highlighter etc.

Following is a list of the top eye makeup tips:

 1. Fill in your Eyebrows

When you fill in your eyebrows, it basically frames your face and brings attention to the eyes. It is recommended that you should fill in your brows using an eye shadow that matches the colour of your brows.

To fill, you should follow the natural arch of the brow. For strong brows, it is suggested to use a clear brow gel to set the brows after filling them.

It is important to remember when defining your eyebrows is to keep the natural look for which you should ensure that you blend the product properly so as to avoid the harsh lines etc.

 2. Applying the Eyeliner

 You can either apply gel eyeliner, pencil or a liquid liner. Brown eyeliner is suitable for lighter colour eyes and black eyeliner is suitable for brown eyes. Make sure that the top and the bottom liner should meet at the outer corner of the eye. You can find various eyeliner shapes and eyeliner tutorials on youtube. Searching them out will help you find out the best eyeliner style for your eyes. You should use a liquid liner for the perfect winged eyeliner look.

3. Don’t forget to use a Mascara

Mascara makes your lashes look super black, long and thick at the same time. After applying the first coat of mascara, wait until it dries up. Then, apply another coat of mascara which will help your eyes to pop out without the use of the false lashes. Before applying the mascara, don’t forget to wipe off excess mascara from the wand so that the lashes don’t get too clumpy. If in case it does get clumpy, simple makeup tips use a toothbrush to comb the lashes. Hold your mascara wand in a horizontal way to get thicker lashes. Start to apply the mascara from the roots of your lashes till the tip.

 4. Curl up those lashes

 Curl your lashes before using the mascara. Use an eyelash curler to do it and hold the curler for a few seconds before letting go. This gives a boost to the lashes and lifts them up which helps open up the eyes. Pinch the curler at the base.

 5. Use a highlighter

 You can apply a sparkly eyeshadow under the eyebrow. You can even use your highlighter right under the eyebrow, this will add height to the arch of your brow. To make your eyes look brighter, you can add the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye. It is important to use the highlighter very carefully in the right areas of the eyes to make them open up. 

 6. Applying the Eyeshadow  It is advised to choose the eyeshadow colours that will compliment your skin colouring. The darker the skin colour, warmer should be the eyeshadow colour. For a smoky eyeshadow look, you should smudge black shadow colour on to the lids and use the coloured shadow over it. It is important to blend the eyeshadow using high-quality brushes. Don’t forget to apply a good eye primer before applying the eye shadow. This will help the eyeshadow to not crease after some time.

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