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Meaning, process, precautions of Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow threading


Meaning, process, precautions of Eyebrow Threading

Meaning, process, precautions of Eyebrow Threading

Everything you need to know about eyebrow threading

The secrets behind this century-Eyebrow Threading shapes method.
Eyebrow trends come and go, but whether you prefer a neat and clean arc or some old-fashioned Brooke Shields on your brows, most of us find ourselves in need of a little shaping and brushing at times. And while there are many classic approaches here when it comes to mastering bows (breaking tweezers or looking for wax), these aren’t the only options available.

Eyebrow Threading, a centuries-old hair removal process that originates from South Asia and the Middle East, has been gaining popularity for years. So why all the fuss? We have researched all of your pressing brow threading questions so you can choose the right removal method for you.

How does Eyebrow Threading work?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Threading Threads are not a misnomer. In fact,Eyebrow Threading machine only use a floss held between the hands of a technician (and in some cases, their teeth as well) in a twisted configuration. As the technician moves his hands, the gaps between those twists are opened up and then tightened again, clinging to the hair and sticking to it, releasing and grounding it all. If you have ever used an epilator, then you are familiar with the basic concept.
Tweezers and cancellation of hair removal dates. The first has to do with precision.

“The threading is very delicate and allows our specialists to have more control over hair removal,” says Shobha Tummala, founder of Shobha Hair Removal. Therefore, when the wax removes any part of the hair that it comes in contact with, which can sometimes result in sharp lines, eyebrow threading allows for a more natural look. “Eyebrow thread is Cotton yarn technology allows you to determine the hair you want to keep or remove, which means the perfect shape every time,” adds Jaimineey Patel, director of training at Blink Brow Bar in London.
The hair factor is, of course, vital for hair removal, and another area where the threading stand out are their traces of skin, or rather, their absence.Also Eyebrow Threading price is affordable.

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“Threading doesn’t stretch or damage the skin like waxing or waxing,” says Patel. As you can see, waxes generally include heat in addition to chemicals (natural or synthetic) that can break down some skin types and the removal process can sometimes damage the skin, causing redness and peeling, especially for those using treatments for skin. skin like retinol. . It’s not exactly what most of us expect when we get our brows done.

While tweezing are generally less damaging to the skin than waxing, accidentally pricking, scraping, or stretching the skin with a pair of tweezers (especially the non-sterile pair that was in your medicine cabinet) can lead to skin cracking and even infections Since the threading are made of soft fibers at surface level, they will not accidentally catch the edge of the bulb or scratched skin.
In fact, Tummala believes in the safety benefits of browbones that also serve as Shobha sites. “We strongly believe in this method as it is the only hair removal option we can offer for the delicate area around the eyes,” she says.

Does Eyebrow Threading hurt?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

The short answer: yes. While some argue that threading hair is less painful than plucking or waxing because it is quick and does not involve tightening the skin, the truth is that any form of hair removal that pulls hair from the root will involve some pain. Sorry.

What is Eyebrow Threading price?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

Obviously it depends on where you go and the condition of your brows, but a typical 10-20 minute brow threading session can cost anywhere from $ 15 to $ 45.

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How long do the results of the threads last?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, but on average, single-eyebrow threading can take two to five weeks. You can also keep the look longer with less intense restoration dates than a wide eyebrow threading shape.

Does the thread work for all skin and hair types?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

Basically yes. The lack of skin damage and chemicals makes flossing suitable for those taking medications that can cause skin sensitivity, such as retinoids and some acne medications, as well as those prone to breakout afterward of hair removal. Likewise, eyebrow threading is great for plucking even the smallest hairs (Tummala even suggests it for peach fuzz or unruly short hair before a big event) for those with subtle brows to fixate on.


Anyone with increased sensitivity (such as after a chemical peel or micropeel procedure) and those who have recently undergone plastic surgery should sit with floss. “We recommend seeing to your doctor first, then come back with us 3-4 weeks after surgery to schedule a suture removal time so your skin has had time to heal, “Tomala says.

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Are there side effects of Eyebrow Threading ?

eyebrow threading
eyebrow threading

As with any form of hair removal, redness and cracking are the biggest potential side effects of eyebrow threading. The redness usually clears up within an hour or two after flossing (so don’t schedule an appointment right before the party), but you can help calm things down with an anti-inflammatory cream like hydrocortisone or old-fashioned ice.

When it comes to breakouts because of Eyebrow Threading machine i.e., thread, it’s about taking good care of your new eyebrows. Patel cautions that “after threading, your pores will be very open to irritation, so it is important to avoid touching the interconnected area” for the next 24 hours. We also suggest avoiding swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, high temperatures, and direct sunlight. , if possible. For best results, you can take a break from your cosmetic routine. A tanning spray can clog pores, as is the case with some makeup, so be careful when applying eyebrows and try to avoid it. completely if you have other parts of your face.

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