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Fashion label, Badaam is the perfect fit for eco-conscious creative professionals


Fashion label, Badaam is the perfect fit for eco-conscious creative professionals

Fashion label, Badaam is the perfect fit for eco-conscious creative professionals

As an Indian growing up in Australia, Priyanka’s upbringing was complemented with a strong urge to explore the creativity – it would allow her to not only adapt to the culture around her but also allow a certain amount of freedom of expression. Having dabbled with graphic design, fashion design, and textile print design, Priyanka had tried to explore as much as she could during her education years, She wanted to create an aesthetic which represented her interest in both Indian and western fashion.” And thus, she founded Badaam in 2017.

For South Asians scattered all over the world, growing up is not always an easy one. While on one hand there are the traditions of the homeland, on the other is the reality of a culture. In trying to make sense and balance two or more cultures, expression of one’s identity becomes an integral part . Especially when it comes to clothing, which is such a fundamental aspect of the Indian identity. This confluence of blending identities and cultures is pretty evident in the silhouette patterns of Priyanka Kaul and her design label ‘Badaam’, which has a touch of two contrasting worlds.

With a focus on eco-friendly and ethical fashion, Priyanka’s beautifully muted tones, silhouette patterns, and breezy designs are a successful juxtaposition of her Indian and Australian sensibilities. In fact, in her debut collection ‘Cardamom Saree’, she experiments with the traditional nine yards sari in an unprecedented way

What is the significance of Badaam?

In Indian culture, Badaam is of great significance as it can be used for various purpose. You can use Badaam in cooking various amazing dishes which also has various amazing herbal benefits. Not only that but it is also great for your skin. You can also use Badaam for your hair which will strengthen and nourish them.

For Kaul, Badaam represents how her brand is going to work by using all the organic features. According to her, Badaam represents the balance and shape of the brand with the addition of almond skin. So this is the reason behind the name of her brand. The understanding of clothing and garments are quite different in countries like India and Australia as you cannot find designing fabric in Australia. Due to this, she has to visit India at least once every year in her search for new things related to fashion. 

Details about Summer/Spring 2019 Collection

In the summer/spring 2019 collection, Dhyaan there were various amazing new outfits. According to her, the idea behind the collection was from her family and friend. She learned to cope up with the pressure and stress of daily life and try out new things. The collection was designed in order to show two things about society. First, it signifies the various judging faces everyone deals with from people on their dresses. And secondly, it was to show the representation of a gender-biased society. You can clearly see the colours like blue skies which is to show the weather during summer. There are also floral hues colour that is ideal to show the summer. 

The idea behind the innovation of the Brand

The clothing of the brand is the mixture of Indian and western culture which shows quirkiness and structure. As mentioned above the brand focus on using organic products which is the reasons why all the clothing is created from natural fabrics. There are fabrics like Chanderi Silk, Khadi cotton and Muga Silk. All the clothes are designed carefully after considering all the required things. According to Priyanka, all her muses are designed objects which is similar to artwork and architecture. 

To start the preparation for a new design first the sketches are designed and then painting them into various colour. The fashion industry is considered quite similar to art industry but you have to explore various ideas in order to reach your final goal. Most garments owned by her are handwoven which is good for the skin and benefits the people who still have such amazing skills.

Upcoming projects of Priyanka Kaul

Priyanka Kaul has enjoyed immense praise for her collection which is due to their unique yet trendy style. According to her, she is going to try out new fabrics likes wool and the materials left from her previous designing. By adding new structures to the designs and using prints on her clothes.

She is also seen working on men’s clothing which is also quite interesting in Indian culture. The Dhyaan collection is for the Urban popular by using natural fabrics and textures in it. According to her, there are many more places to explore in India which will provide new and interesting fashion styles. Not only Badaam is promoting fashion but also helps in promoting eco-friendly services. Also, check out this one

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