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Fashion Trends 2020: Top Designers Reveal the Popular Trends

fashion trends

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends 2020: Top Designers Reveal the Popular Trends

Fashion Trends 2020: Top Designers Reveal the Popular Trends

If we learned something from the past is that fashionable remains unpredictable. Every new week you will see something better, which takes over the fashion industry like a storm. Fashion is all about individuality and remaining authentic to oneself. If you want to learn how fashion will be in the year 2020, then you just have to follow the experts. After talking with various experts from the fashion industry, here you can find all the popular trends that will be making its debut in the New Year.

Specific fashion trends to become popular in 2020

If it’s about fashion trends, then there are high chances that you can see specific fashion types becoming popular in this decade.

  1. Exaggerated Sleeves

In the 2020 runway, you can see long and puffy sleeves with the dress. You can see various celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, and many others trying out this amazing fashion trend. It will surely provide you an amazing look that will help in improving the style quotient.

  • Polka Dots

This is one of the classic fashion trends that are making a comeback in 2020. By making some advancement to classic fashion, it becomes a perfect dress for parties or any event.

  • Off-Shoulder Blouses

The off-shoulder blouse is a perfect look for summer, which will help in providing your hot look. With exaggerated sleeves and classic strapless, this trend is always popular. You can see various celebrities donning this new fashion trend at different celebrity events.

  • Bold Colours

Earlier, the bold colors are considered awkward or too much for certain types of events. Well, this is not the case anymore as you can see that in Fashion Trends 2020.  The bold colors like yellow, purple, and bright pink are trending and you can try them on for any fashion event.

  • Tiered Dresses for Summer

It is another famous fashion trend, which you can see tried out by one of the most popular celebrities of India, Katrina Kaif. This is one of the most amazing fashion trends, which you can try for the summer evening. The actress was seen wearing this dress at a party, where she wore a yellow color dress.

  • The revival of Traditional Art Forms

In the last decade, a lot of amazing traditional clothes were brought back into the fashion world. It has become a trend to revive the traditional art forms into the new fashion. While you have the creative freedom to make changes to the outfit, but it is essential to limit yourself to traditional art. One of the most popular celebrities, Janhvi Kapoor is quite popular for reviving various types of traditional art form trends. She is often seen wearing sarees that are quite popular in India.

  • Designer Blouses

The designer blouses have become quite popular in India, which is thanks to Sonam Kapoor.  She is known for her amazing fashion sense and brought various types of fashion styles to India. As you already know that sarees and blouses have a cultural root in India and combining it with western fashion will help in creating the best fusion. If you want to improve your fashion, then you can consider trying out this amazing new trend.

So, these are the seven Women’s Fashion Trends that you need to look out for in 2020. It is essential that you follow certain celebrities on the internet if you want to become aware of these trends. Even if you do not like to be on social media, you can still find certain news handle that updates this page about trending fashions.

How does a designer see the upcoming fashion trends?

With the help of fashion designers, you can surely find Fashion Trends of the Decade. all the fashion experts are masters in the field and they have enough experience to vouch for their predictions. They have been working in the fashion industry for a long time and have enough data to support their predictions. While it remains to that you cannot completely protect something but calculated guess has higher chances of success. So these are some of the most popular Women’s Fashion Trends 2020.  It is essential that you consider trying out all these new fashion trends at the beginning of the decade. It will surely help you to get an authentic look and improve your style quotient. You can follow various celebrities as they also try out this trendy outfits so that you can get an idea for your own outfit.

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