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12 Most Trendy Feather Tattoos for Girls- Updated trends 2021

feather tattoo


12 Most Trendy Feather Tattoos for Girls- Updated trends 2021

12 Most Trendy Feather Tattoos for Girls- Updated trends 2021

Amazing Feather Tattoos That Will Encourage You To Get Inked Instantly

Feather tattoo designs are very popular, especially among young women who want to achieve this “carefree hippie” look.

It also implies a feeling of release and a light appearance. It also seems less threatening than saying, skull with crossbones, mom could just let this go. Joking aside, the feather tattoos are originally a symbol of death. But it also depends on the specific type of bird the feather belongs to. For example, owl feathers are believed to signify mystery and intelligence. Let’s go back a bit to his Native American and spiritual roots.

1- Black feather tattoo on the shoulder for girls

feather tattoo

Black feather tattoos on the shoulder for girls. This is very small and the best for women.
Feather tattoos mainly date back to Native American origins, after all feathers are often used in their rituals. The pen is a big problem for Native American culture. For them, the feather represents the spirit of a bird. That is why the fallen feathers, in some movies, serve as an omen of things to come, as the feather is so closely related to the spirit realm. They are also used in clothing, tools, jewelry, and more. Some people get feather tattoo designs to represent their Native American heritage.

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2- This colorful feather tattoo gives you an amazing look.

feather tattoo

There are many variations of feather tattoos such as dream catchers, headdresses, and totems. Each one has its own different meanings.

Today, feather tattoo designs are interpreted in various ways. From freedom to bravery, everyone has their own version of the meaning behind the tattoo. I hear a lot of people complain about their lack of imagination with all these girls with their typical bird and fish feather tattoo . Well, it just means. But we definitely wouldn’t blame you if the poor girl had already done it by scratching herself.

3- This feather tattoo on the arm looks super cool with infinity

feather tattoo

But in general, the pen is still a good option for tattoos, whether they are overused, exaggerated or not. Artists are always finding ways to enhance it and come up with amazing ways to accentuate a simple design. Do not stop surprising us.

4- Girls who like tattoos on the upper back, this is the best for them

feather tattoo

This feather tattoo on the back is stunning and visually appealing. The black color is used sparingly in the design, which makes the feather tattoo look very attractive. The design is suitable for women and the place to wear on the upper back seems appropriate.
Feather tattoos are among the most sought after tattoos due to their symbolism and cultural heritage. It come in various patterns and designs and have a rich background of meaning that primarily represents the character of the bird from which they are taken. Feather tattoos have a unique unisex tattoo element that generally has symbolic meanings, such as the ability to fly emotionally, spiritually, or creatively.

5- This beautiful peacock feather tattoo is colorful.

feather tattoo

Some of the feather tattoo designs for girls are quite distinctive and elegant, effectively reflecting the personalities of the different species of birds that are derived from them. The presence of a tattoo in the form of eagle, ostrich, peacock or any other bird feathers intuitively matches the bird’s personality. Some qualities are considered sacred to the plumage of certain birds such as the eagle. Another dominant symbol of feather tattoos is the aspect of freedom, due to the fact that a feather can easily fly in the wind. The peacock feather is popular with enthusiasts due to its beauty and range of colors.

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6- This beautiful mix of colors in this feather tattoo

feather tattoo

One of the cool things about feather tattoos is the fact that they can be used anywhere on the body. Feather tattoo can also be combined with other tattoo designs resulting in a totally attractive look.

7- This feather tattoo on the arm is impressive and visually appealing.

feather tattoo

Feather tattoos come in various designs and are perfect for both men and women.
Feather tattoo designs for girls symbolize different things with many cultures such as Native Americans who see it being used to express their rich heritage or are in touch with their spiritual side. Most of the people choose bird feather tattoo designs with the personalities they like to meet.

8- A colorful feather tattoo with flying birds on the girl’s upper back.

feather tattoo

Feathers are often believed to have symbolic meaning because they belong to one of the most beautiful living things, endowed with an amazing ability to fly. There is no doubt that feathers will remain the preferred tattoo design in terms of shape and meaning. However, once you have gone through the folklore, cultural significance, and tradition, you will quickly notice that feathers tattoos strengthen the meaning of life, freedom, independence, and triumph. It can often symbolize an individual’s ability to display her individuality.

9- A colorful peacock feather tattoo on the girl’s arm.

feather tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes different personalities found in birds such as truth, courage, courage, freedom, travel, and more. Some cultures and civilizations view feathers as messages from the spirit world.

10- Famous infinity feather tattoo with words from dad and mom

feather tattoo

Among the Native American culture, feather tattoos have the importance of spiritual protection. The dreamcatcher, a widely known Native American folklore symbol with a feather attached to the bottom, is said to be the vessel bathed in bad dreams. This symbolizes protection as much as the amulet does in other cultures. The feathers were part of the clothing worn by the Native Americans of different birds, indicating their individual status. Often times, the use of the proper feather provides protection when entering the spirit realm.

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11- Tattoo of red and black peacock feathers on the girl’s arm

feather tattoo

Feather tattoos are also taken to symbolize good dreams. Most people wear feather tattoo that appeal to their beliefs. Those who live in magic or holiness can wear a tattoo of a bird that they feel shows the character of magic or holiness, as the Egyptians believed that feathers were associated with the deities of the sky.

12- An amazing orange feather tattoo with the word Gopinathji

feather tattoo

Since the type of bird feathers often symbolized a stronger meaning, eagle feathers were considered a symbol of courage and honor. Warriors were honored with these feathers in recognition of their brave achievements. For this reason, you may find that feather tattoos are used the most by military forces. Some cultures believed that a feather flying your way meant that the soul had left the underworld. In some cultures, feathers were an important part of rituals and ceremonies. Christians have given feathers many virtues and this is seen in many feather-based tattoo designs. It was part of the signet ring design, and each feather represented something specific.

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