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Few Ways To Get Frizz Free Hair This Summer

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Few Ways To Get Frizz Free Hair This Summer

Few Ways To Get Frizz Free Hair This Summer

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is rife with unfounded myths about everything ranging from skin to hair. One common hair myth is that frizz only occurs during the winter months because of the cold. Frizziness, also known as unruly and rebellious hair, is caused by a lack of moisture in the strands, which can last all year. While the cold causes dryness in the winter, the scorching heat in the summer causes all of the moisture to evaporate from the hair, making your mane a prime candidate for dryness, dullness, damage, and – frizz. Here are a few ways to get frizz free hair this summer.

Hair Wash

Though frizz appears after your hair has completely dried – after exposure to the sun and air – it’s always a good idea to develop a start-to-finish hair care routine that works to prevent that unruliness. Avoid shampoos that contain toxic and harsh chemicals like sulphates and instead opt for natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut milk, shea butter, quinoa, and bananas, which give you frizz free hair and strengthen your hair. Use a heavy-duty hair mask or conditioner to seal in moisture to your tresses, depending on your hair type.

Hair Serum

You can use the best shampoo and conditioner in the world, but it will only go so far in saving your hair from frizz before it is exposed to environmental damage. The post-wash products you use will eventually remain on your hair. As a result, selecting the best hair serum is crucial. During the summer, you should use a light but effective serum that hydrates your hair deeply without weighing it down or leaving it sticky.

Protect From Heat

Sun is equally bad for your hair as it is for the skin because high temperatures are not good for the hair, it is even more important to protect it from direct heat exposure. Why? Because extreme temperatures can tame your hair’s natural texture, resulting in split ends, breakage, dullness, frizz, dryness, and even knots. When you’re out in the hottest part of the day, you can wear a hat or scarf to get frizz free hair this summer.

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