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Gemstone-Infused Beauty Products: Are They Worth It?

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Gemstone-Infused Beauty Products: Are They Worth It?

Gemstone-Infused Beauty Products: Are They Worth It?

Gemstones and crystals have been admired for their purported benefits in the field of energy therapy for centuries. These days, they are even added to skin care formulations, and these products are gaining popularity. Acc. To Heldich “Everything contains vibratory energy, from our bodies to stationary objects, constantly fluctuating at varying frequencies. They operate at an “active” level, according to Sharon Helditch MBE. The active energy within these crystals is believed to have the ability to influence human energy, both on a physical and spiritual level.

Benefits of using high vibration energy

High vibration energy has the power to make over skin distresses like redness, inflammation, breakouts, and fine lines.

Some people even like to repeat a statement or intention while using these products, believing that doing so improves their effectiveness and increases their supposed healing properties.

Common gemstones used in skincare

Some common crystals, gemstones, and minerals used in skin care products include:

  1. Amethyst- It has cleansing properties. It removes toxins and oiliness


2. Tourmaline- This gemstone boosts radiance, soothes blemishes and detoxifies.

3. Rose quartz- calms the skin

4. Jade- commonly used as jade roller. It soothes sensitive skin. Promotes luck and harmony.

5. Gold

6. Peridot

7. Ruby

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