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Get Your Kids To Workout And Stay Healthy With These Tips!


Get Your Kids To Workout And Stay Healthy With These Tips!

Get Your Kids To Workout And Stay Healthy With These Tips!

The cold winter brings the inevitable desire to stay hidden under our blankets for a little longer than usual. When it comes to wrapping up warm, some prefer to drink hot coffee, while others think of the woolen garments that their grandmothers wove with passion for them. Dr. Tegal Kanwar, founder, and director of Kleinetics says: “While different people have different preferences for warming up, it’s time we asked ourselves some serious questions. When was the last time we thought about going for a run, a regular exercise? schedule, or playing some fun games outside to warm up?

Now, we know that exercise is important, but for most adults, adopting an exercise program is a challenge. One can only imagine what a task it would be to convince children that exercise should be an integral part of their daily routine. Dr. Kanwar says: “This winter, let us plan to get our children out of their blankets and make them fit and healthy. Let us commit that the holidays and holidays do not leave our families, especially the little ones, idle this year “. He shares some tips to help parents get their kids in shape.

Start at Home

Do you think your child is lazy to go outside or do you not want to take him out in this weather? Either way, start at home. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we have been forced to stay home and routine exercises have been stopped. Many have turned to yoga, aerobics, and meditation at home with online training. You can also involve your kids in your workouts and join them in various indoor fitness activities.

Have Fun

Children do not understand the importance of being healthy or following an exercise routine; All they know is how to party and have fun. So instead of making workouts important to them, try enjoying some fun activities and playing games. For example, you can try a dance routine with your children; you don’t have to train them or ask them to follow any steps, just let them jump and go crazy.

Be a Role Model For Them

Children become what they see. Therefore, set an example and teach them good things, and develop healthy habits that will entice children to do the same.

Involve The Whole Family

Children love when the whole family is around them and they can spend time with everyone doing something fun. So find a good game or set up a dance routine for everyone to follow. Your child will definitely feel more engaged and excited to exercise every day.

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Ask the Children to Take The Lead

Children love to teach others new things, so when you ask them to take the lead, they will gladly do so. In this way, you will not only have good training with your child, but you will also instill leadership qualities in him.

Activity Category

Enroll your child in activity classes and let him explore new things with new people. For example, you can enroll your child in swimming, tennis, soccer, boxing, taekwondo, etc.

Participate in the Competition and Health Rewards

Children often enjoy when they are competing, overwhelmed by the desire to be the best and win. Make the most of this and take your child for a run and have them run with you. You can also offer additional bonuses, for example, if you win, they will have to agree with everything you say, but if they win, they can have more time to do what they like.

Finally, Dr. Kanwar says that parents know their children well, so he advises parents to do whatever it takes to encourage children to engage in some physical activity to keep them healthy.

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