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Guide To Your Nighttime Routine To Get Good Sleep

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Guide To Your Nighttime Routine To Get Good Sleep

Guide To Your Nighttime Routine To Get Good Sleep

We often overlook the importance of a good night’s sleep because all of the exciting things happen at night, don’t we? However, a lack of sleep can cause a slew of issues. It has the ability to do everything from accelerating the ageing process to having an impact on your mental well-being. Inadequate sleep can cause wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne. In extreme cases, it can also cause irritability, inability to focus, and hallucinations. We’ve put together five simple tips for your nighttime routine to help you get enough sleep every night.

Avoid Eating Right Before Bed

Many people make the mistake of eating dinner and then going straight to bed. However, this practice is incorrect. Lying down immediately after eating impedes digestion and causes discomfort. Maintain a minimum of an hour between your bedtime and dinner. Try going for a 10-15 minute walk after dinner. You can also watch an episode of your favourite show while remaining seated.

Ease Your Mind

A restless mind will never allow you to sleep peacefully. It is critical to turn off everything that makes us feel uneasy and replace it with something relaxing. For your nighttime routine before going to bed, read to relax your mind. Reading stimulates your thinking in the best way, helps you build your vocabulary, and provides you with new perspectives. If you don’t like books, read articles of your choice. However, you can also accomplish this by lighting a scented candle or diffuser. Choose a bottle of lavender essential oil and turn on your fragrance diffuser. Lavender is well-known and trusted for its calming properties that aid in sleep. This lovely plant is also used to treat insomnia in severe cases.

Skin and Hair Care

No nighttime routine is complete without skin and hair care!! Spend some ‘me-time’ before bed by experimenting with skincare. Use deeply nourishing products to ensure that your skin is as calm as you are. For nighttime moisturization, we recommend the Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Overnight Gel. It soothes skin irritation by hydrating from within, allowing your skin to feel its best! Don’t forget about your body. Dryness and uneasiness in the body can also cause sleep disruption. Apply a generous amount of body lotion before going to bed. 

This may sound strange, but your hair affects your sleep schedule. Tying your hair too tightly or in uncomfortable ways can cause tugging in unexpected places, increasing the likelihood of a headache. Choose loose hairstyles for bed to avoid this minor issue. 

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