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Hair Tinsel: A vibrant beauty trend that will give you an extra shine

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Hair Tinsel: A vibrant beauty trend that will give you an extra shine

Hair Tinsel: A vibrant beauty trend that will give you an extra shine

It’s 2022 and some of us still seem to live in the ’90s beauty zone. Our job of jumping on trends gets bigger by the day with so many people busy making headlines. Recently, we have noticed a very shiny and outstanding hair trend cautiously making its way into our hearts. The world refers to it as “hair tinsel.” It is basically the eye-catching technology that makes your natural hair look like a doll. It’ll make even the faint-hearted gape at its beauty and make them think about how much they’re missing out on cool things in life.  

So what are tinsels and why do we love them even when it comes to bringing in some wacky bargains? Hair tinsel is simple strand-shaped accents that are attached to the strands of your hair, either individually or collectively through microbead extension technology. This is what we think is the best part, you can choose the color you prefer. Even a metal that looks incredibly hot! For all the fashion and beauty lovers at Y2K, we hope you give this trend a try. It’s a simple trick that complements your braids and sets you up for the party effortlessly. If you are not sure that coloring your hair is your thing, this could be the next step you can try. Did you know We learned that celebrities like Beyoncé enjoyed doing their hair at the 2010 Grammys and she looks shiny with a metallic body?

The hair wig has a residence time of 1-2 weeks depending on the care you receive and if you are lucky it will last longer. Try cleaning your locks with stickers. This may be the easiest option to keep your hair knot-free and help your trims stay intact. You can also wash your hair with tinsel, use light formulas, and don’t overdo it.

Have you tried this trend? If not, then try this trend. It will definitely enhance your personality beautifully.

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