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Here Are Some Ways To Help You Discipline Your Child With Love


Here Are Some Ways To Help You Discipline Your Child With Love

You don’t have to compromise discipline because you love your child. Both, according to experts, can go hand in hand. One of the biggest responsibilities as a parent is to teach your child how to behave without being harsh with them. It is a job that requires patience and time. However, learning effective and healthy disciplinary methods is beneficial. “The moment one hears the word discipline, an image of cruel, ruthless and strict punishment comes in mind, more than the normally disciplined mother in the family,” says Jyotika Bedi, psychologist and founder of Happiness Is Love, New York. Delhi, who feels very strongly that children are adults, if corrections are made about learning rather than instilling fear of outcome or consequences, then children will certainly respond more effectively.” Children learn best by seeing the people around them, especially parents who act as role models. Adults need to model the behavior they want their children to emulate,” she says, offering some suggestions for instilling discipline in your children while still being kind.

Ways To Help You Discipline Your Child With Love

Refrain from Physical Punishment: Physical punishment, such as slapping, shaking, etc can instill fear, create trust issues, and encourage children to behave as violently and aggressively as adults. We need to explore alternatives to corporal punishment and engage with children in a way that promotes inner transformation, cognition, and motivation for reform. Violent and aggressive behavior with children can temporarily stop unpleasant behavior, but children who are hit on the buttocks are more likely to hit and fight with other children, steal things, and engage in antisocial behavior.

Positive Reinforcement Works Effectively: when a child does something successfully, they should be praised so that they feel encouraged to repeat the behavior.

Ways To Help You Discipline Your Child With Love

Be Kind To Yourself: When we make mistakes in our journey as adults, we need to be fair and tolerant with ourselves. Parenting is a difficult task and we will inevitably make mistakes. Instead of beating ourselves up for yelling, or disrespecting our children in the heat of this moment, we should forgive ourselves and our children for forgiveness. Our children will learn to apologize by our example if we have the nerve to ask them to apologize.

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