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High heels, do know the harmful effects of it?


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High heels, do know the harmful effects of it?

High heels, do know the harmful effects of it?

High heels are a must-have fashion accessory for women. Indian attire like saree and western dresses as gowns go hand in hand with high heels. High heels often make your feet appear taller and slimmer. The shape of the shoe compresses the foot in a position that is certainly not natural. Pressure on your feet can restrict blood flow. In extreme cases, it can lead to a ruptured blood vessel.

Are you one of those who do not go out to a party without heels? Then you should know the side effects of wearing them summarized below

1. High heels can cause foot pain


After a long day on your feet in those uncomfortable shoes, you are more prone to feel pain. You may feel a sharp pain in your toes, sole, arch, or heel after wearing them. Also, blisters can develop due to the overuse of heels.

2. Back pain

High heels are considered elegant and sexy, which can increase your style quotient. These do not give full support to your feet, which causes uneven distribution of weight. And that can lead to pain in the lower back. Many fashion models wear them the whole day and develop an arch on the lower back more than usual. Actually, the height of the heel is directly proportional to the degree of the arch of the back. This increased arch can cause severe upper and lower back pain.

3. Ankle sprain

ankle sprain

While wearing high heels, the center of gravity changes, which causes changes in a walking pattern. In high heels, the foot points downward, which makes it easier to twist or rotate the ankle. The higher the heel, the more the body weight is pushed forward. And the chances of ankle sprain and fracture due to high heel increase. Constant use of heels weakens the ligaments, and it fixes your toe in permanent hyperextension.

4. High heels can cause Knee pain

Standing or walking in stilettos for a longer period can affect the cartilage in the joint. This can lead to pain in the joint later on. Improper leg flexion while wearing high heels puts severe pressure on the knee joint. It often leads to osteoporosis in people.

5. Painful calves

calf pain

Wearing stilettos causes the calf muscle to continue to contract, which is tight when standing on your toes. This added strain on the calf muscle can cause the muscle fibers to shorten. Also, making the Achilles tendon stiff and more prone to injury.

6. Hammer toe

Too much wearing stilettos with a confined toe box can lead the foot to take the shape of a shoe. This can lead to hammer toes, corns, bunions. High heels put a lot of pressure on the fat pad under the ball of the foot and the forefoot.


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