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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles

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Home Remedies

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles

There’s more to under-eye puffiness or discoloration than blaming ourselves for not getting enough sleep. True, screen time can be enjoyable until your skin begins to react. Dry skin, dark circles, and tired eyes add to the confusion. Allergies, sun exposure, and poor eating habits are all important factors to consider on a daily basis. Regularly getting enough sleep can be your most effective weapon in the long run for preventing and reducing dark circles. The underlying cause of dark eye circles determines how to treat them. There are, however, some home remedies to get rid of your under-eye dark circles. 

Tea Bags

Do you have any teabags? Don’t toss them out the next time you have a cup of tea. Refrigerate them for 10 minutes, then place them over your eyes and rest for 10-15 minutes. This is a popular remedy for reducing swelling and fading dark circles. Caffeine and antioxidants in tea bags may help to treat eye problems. They also aid in the reduction of swelling, puffiness, and irritation. Keeping tea bags under your eyes can also help you look younger by giving you a youthful glow. 


Do you have some cotton pads? Dip your cotton ball in the milk and place it over your eyes. Retinoids are a type of vitamin A that contains retinoids that help to improve the texture of the skin and lighten dark circles. Cold milk is a natural eye cleanser that also helps to soothe the delicate skin around the eyes. Lactic acid, found in cold milk, helps to reduce puffiness while also lightening the skin. Additionally, the potassium in the milk helps the skin retain moisture, resulting in softer, more supple skin.

Ice Cubes

While a super cold drink is ideal this time of year, your eyes will thank you if you treat them to cucumber and aloe vera juice cubes. This can simultaneously cool and refresh your skin, giving it a revitalised appearance. If you’re the type to catch a cold easily, try to work this out first thing in the morning. A cold compress can help to reduce puffiness and dark circles by reducing swelling and shrinking dilated blood vessels.


Natural bleaching agents are tomatoes, which aid in the reduction of discoloration around the eyes. Apply the tomato pulp paste to your eyelids and under your eyes. Massage it gently with a cleansed eye-roller. Tomatoes contain antioxidants and lycopene, which help to smooth skin texture and fade dark circles. A good massage with eye rollers encourages lymphatic drainage, which helps to relieve stress and puffiness in your eyes. Every time you use your eye-roller, make sure to clean it before using it.

Almond Oil

his ingredient helps to lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes by having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If hydration is a concern, vitamin E and K can help keep dryness at bay while maintaining smoothness. Swipe it under your eyes and on your lids every day, massaging lightly.

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