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Homemade keratin Treatment To Enhance Texture of Your Hair at Home


Homemade keratin Treatment To Enhance Texture of Your Hair at Home

Homemade keratin Treatment To Enhance Texture of Your Hair at Home

Keratin treatments make your hair healthier and shinier. This food prevents hair from frizzing and drying out. It’s one of the proteins, amino acids, and nutrient-packed treatments for your unhealthy hair demands. This treatment makes styling easier and controls hair loss. If you want to straighten and straighten your hair without breaking your bank, then you’ve to establish the right treasure of solutions. We present a homemade keratin treatment that requires only 5 ingredients.

Before looking at the ingredients, don’t forget to grab a bowl, spoon, and brush for easy application. So, let’s go! the hair spa sessions sitting at home. This is what you need. So, then let’s take a jump into it.

1. Urad Dal

Take a bowl half full of dal and soak it in double the water for at least three hours or overnight. Urad Dal is packed with protein that your hair needs. Penetrates brittle hair and prevents future damage. It also helps maintain the shine of your hair.

2. Yogurt

Check the smoothness of the soaked urad dal by pressing it with your fingernails. If it breaks easily, pour it into a grinder or blender. Add plenty of curd to the content and form a smooth, lump-free paste. Curd is very useful in treating scalp problems and removing dandruff of scales. However, it smoothes and softens the hair.
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3. Aloe Vera Gel

Pour the paste into a bowl and add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera promotes hair growth and strengthens it. The volumizing agent is very useful to get instant smoothness and smoothness in your hair.

4. Castor Oil

Add two tablespoons of castor oil to your hair mask. Castor oil allows hair to grow faster. If you are not comfortable with castor oil, you can use almond, coconut, olive oil, or either. This is not a critical step. But castor oil can help improve the texture of your hair.

5. Coconut Milk

For the last and last ingredient, add 1 tablespoon of coconut milk to your hair mask. You can add more to reduce the thickness of your hair mask. Coconut milk has intense hydrating effects on your hair. It’s a powerful natural conditioner that can create wonders for your hair.

Mix all the ingredients together and make sure to form a smooth, creamy dough without lumps. Lumps in the hair mask may not produce the desired results. Get a hassle-free smoothing and spa session while sitting at home in the best possible way. Don’t forget to brush and get to the roots of your hair. Preserve the shine of your hair and make each hair move.

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